Waste Management: Stories From Higley Hill

"Great Spirit - Maker of Men - Forbid that I judge any man until I have walked for two moons in his moccasins." ~ Indian Prayer We've been dealing in waste management lately. Rich and I work together on Mondays. It’s not easy, he and I working together. We have more in common than not … Continue reading Waste Management: Stories From Higley Hill



Monday, July 4, 2016:  My Mom is 82, my father is one year older. At 59 years old, I am their eldest child. No one is feeling young around here at the moment. In the month of June, shortly after I left the Inn to move to Vermont and finally had time on my hands … Continue reading A 4TH OF JULY TALE: STORIES FROM HIGLEY HILL


Random Notes for A Blog 1) The weatherman often mentions Lake Okeechobee, the seventh largest freshwater lake in the United States. The place where so many late afternoon summer storms begin, an hour’s drive from Boynton Beach. Rich is on board with my latest blog idea. Gas is now cheap. Today's headline in the N.Y. … Continue reading HOPELESS WANDERER

Not Everyone’s Laughing HoHoHo

This year I set out to enjoy Christmas. I haven't enjoyed the holiday in a long time, probably since my children got older and Santa Claus no longer slid down our double chimney. My girls would ask "how does he know which chimney to come down?" Each passing year brought increasing bills and less time. … Continue reading Not Everyone’s Laughing HoHoHo

Walking ~ Day 33 Apartment Life

  Saturday. Lots of errands, including house hunting. We are determined to find a house. Rich is not adjusting well to apartment life. This week the chain-smoking insomniac upstairs reached an all time high on the annoying neighbor meter. He/she has been grating on Rich’s nerves for weeks now. Let’s call he/she, Coffin Nail, for … Continue reading Walking ~ Day 33 Apartment Life