I thought if I wrote the story readers would understand and empathize with the struggle of the American middle class. Five years later, Trump was elected and so many people were shocked. “I didn’t see this coming. How could this have happened?” they asked. I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Sophie? Sophie is one … Continue reading THE STORY BEHIND THE REVERSE COMMUTE


Mother’s Day ~ Imperfection: Stories from Higley Hill

Mother's Day: Part Two We are all imperfect. We make mistakes, we are unsure of our choices. We live with regrets. Sometimes on social media I feel lost in a sea of perfection. Beautiful children, healthy food, gorgeous scenery. Sometimes I  also post those photos. However, I often try to balance them with the nitty … Continue reading Mother’s Day ~ Imperfection: Stories from Higley Hill

Climb Every Mountain

In one of my daily efforts to sell books, three months ago I contacted the Bentley College Alumni Association offering to do an author interview with them, or maybe a piece on career changes in mid-life. I never heard back from them. Bentley College is now Bentley University. When I was at Bentley The College it … Continue reading Climb Every Mountain

DiveHeart: Following Your Passion

I haven’t met Jim Elliott of Diveheart yet but we plan to meet soon for a cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shop in Lantana. I heard about Jim after taking a walk across the bridge and through the Nature Preserve in Lantana. It was a hot, sweaty day. I needed a cold drink, … Continue reading DiveHeart: Following Your Passion

Walking ~ Days 281-283 Writing in a Cubicle

I revisted the McSweeney website after a long hiatus from my cubicle, back when I came across all sorts of literary gems to read while sitting for healthcare. How I missed Mike Sacks' Whoops! I will never know. If you have never done accounting in a cubicle, you may not get the joke but I was … Continue reading Walking ~ Days 281-283 Writing in a Cubicle