Life Is All This Is on sale now. Kindle version 99 cents. Get your copy today.

Some recent reviews on Amazon:

Editorial review: The quality of writing and the authorial voice pulled me right in. There are all sorts of things to pleasure a reader (especially an editor). Blanchette has effectively created quite individual characters whose attitudes and voices are convincing. Her diction is impeccable and her eye for detail is extraordinary. I was struck by one observation after another that puts the character palpably alive on the page. ~ Robert Emmett Ginna, author of The Irish Way, and former editor-in-chief at Little, Brown

“As an avid reader of fiction, it is a pleasure to come across a book that is written so simply, yet draws you in with its pathos & bittersweet emotions. It captures an American generation perfectly. Ms. Blanchette’s writing is reminiscent of Alice McDermott’s, while keeping her own voice. Loved this book!”

“Life Is All This” is a wonderfully heartfelt, reflective novel with some beautiful writing. Socrates wrote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Sam’s life is well examined and certainly worth living. I highly recommend this book.”

“Read this big-hearted book last week. Nothing in this story is extraordinary – the people, their circumstance – and yet I was always interested and engaged in their stories and concerns. Loved the directness of the prose and the light that the author shines on the small, intimate things we do everyday. What a grand read!”

“Life Is All This is a joy-ride across a quickly changing world with a man striving to be big-hearted and determined to gather to him all the things that are important. This is a powerfully moving and passionate novel.”

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