**This is a true story. It falls under the category of Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.**

A lot can happen in a short period of time. Two and a half years ago, a woman from New Hampshire wrote a novel about escaping her cubicle and moving to the Islands to run a Bed and Breakfast. It was a roman a clef. A fictional version of a true story. The title was The Reverse Commute.

She didn’t quite make it to the Islands but she published the novel and did get as far south as Florida, below the tropical latitude. Close enough, she thought. The days were sunny. She met some wonderful people and walked the beach most every day. There’s something to be said for never having to think about the weather.

The true story did not unfold exactly as the fictional novel was written. There was no Bed and Breakfast, but there were a series of part-time accounting jobs that were better than a cubicle, leaving a lot more time to write. A year after arriving in the Sunshine State, she published a second novel, a work of pure fiction about a woman who has been kicked around by life but keeps searching for happiness and eventually finds herself running a small fishing lodge along the Snake River in southeastern Idaho. Its title was Take Me Home.


Two years and two months later, a week before the woman from New Hampshire is about to publish her third novel, a brilliant sun rises over the high-rises stacked along the Fort Lauderdale beachfront, her plane dipping left, heading north to Hartford, Connecticut.

It seems oddly appropriate that today is April Fools Day. Some folks think she’s crazy. One of her critics on Amazon stated, “usually by the time you’re middle aged, you’ve worked through your choices in life… In my opinion, you don’t have daydreams about how romantic your life should be.” Wait until they hear her latest tale.


Snow covers the ground beneath the barren trees. The brutal winter this region experienced is evident everywhere. Fallen trees, broken fences, sagging porch roofs.The lakes are still frozen. Welcome to the Ice Box of Connecticut. Why is she eager to leave sunshine and palm trees?

Opportunity knocked twelve days ago. She sent their resumes on a Friday. There was an email on Saturday morning leading to a phone interview on Sunday and on Monday, a trip to a town an hour north of where she lived. “You need to visit the inn,” the owners told her and her husband. “As soon as you can. We’d like to fill the position by the middle of May.” She bought the tickets the next day and purchased some new sweaters for the trip north. Shoes too. Except when walking in sneakers, she hasn’t worn socks in two years.


The town is quintessential New England. White houses, maple trees, stone houses, stone walls, rolling hills, covered bridges. At night it is quiet. A sound of silence she hasn’t heard in a long time. The moon is the only light outside the window. Stars are scattered across the night sky, constellations easily identified. She needs to climb on a tiny velvet stool to get into the four poster bed. Sleep is elusive. She and her husband toss and turn, wondering what road their life will take after tomorrow’s meeting.


They all shake hands, the couple who own the inn and the couple who are the new innkeepers. They’ll be returning to Florida on Sunday morning, giving their notice, saying their goodbyes, packing once again. It will be easier this time, they’ve already lightened their load. When they left New Hampshire, they left with open minds. Seeking adventures, ready for something new. Everything didn’t work out as planned, some plans fell through, others didn’t work out. They readjusted and came up with a few ideas, one of them that bed and breakfast she had written about.

So they put together the resumes, sent out the cover letters, and actually heard from several places. They really did have the perfect combination of skills for this type of work. Daydream Believers sometimes do succeed at bringing their dreams to life.

Her third book was ready to go last week but life got in the way. There has been a minor delay, but when the accountant/writer/innkeeper returns to Florida on Sunday, she will be publishing it on Amazon. It will be available sometime next week. It’s titled Life Is All This. And that is certainly true.



  1. Seriously? This is fantastic! I remember walking along Crane’s Beach with you (the day of the “incident”) and you telling me that you’ve always wanted to run a B&B. Send me the name of the inn!! Congrats, Sheila. Another chapter begins…

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