Hikes, Coffees and Nudes

Once in awhile someone finds one of my old blogs and it shows up on my statistics for the day. I’ve learned a lot about writing in the past two years, so I take the opportunity to re-edit the piece. I’ve also learned titles are important. This was originally called Farewell to New Hampshire. I changed the title and now more people are finding this particular blog. I know coffee is popular but I’m pretty sure it’s the Nudes that are bringing in the readers. Enjoy this with a cup of coffee, maybe lying in bed, pj’s optional on this #ThrowbackThursday.

Sheila Blanchette

I grew up in Rhode Island, but that was years ago. I have also lived in Boston, Maine, Colorado and here in New Hampshire for twenty-six years.

The Granite State is to my daughters what Rhode Island is to me, the setting where all your childhood memories take place. The state you feel the strongest connection to, and although you may spend your adult life somewhere else, every time you return to the streets and towns of your childhood, you feel at home.

We lived along the short seventeen miles of New Hampshire seacoast, but my daughters spent a lot of time in the White Mountains. They learned to ski on the icy slopes of Cannon and Gunstock with below zero winds whipping snow and stinging sleet. It’s no surprise they now find the Rocky Mountains of Colorado such a joy to shush-boom down on days when the sun comes…

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