His Hair Was Perfect

Justice Joslin is now following me on Instagram. And his brothers! I kid you not.

Sheila Blanchette

I recently read a blog by Nancy Roman about the crushes she’s had over the years and how these men are all aging. It was witty and funny and got me thinking, because I have always had a problem crushing on guys. But my crushes are not aging, they are regressing. As I grow older they stay the same, but the gap between our ages increases. They’re usually in their early thirties, I am now in my fifties, and they all have one thing in common. Their hair is perfect.

I have always had a thing for hair. Thick, curly hair. Run your fingers through it kind of hair. This is why my crushes never age. I just move on, finding a new head of hair.

When I was young, I loved Jim Morrison, he of the long, dark curly locks. Years ago I had a dream. Jim and I…

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