Walking ~ Day 27 The Eden Roc Hotel

Okay, back to The End of the Year list of my most popular blogs since time began (that would be two years ago when I started blogging). I like this one because it was a very fun day.

Sheila Blanchette

We slept late, exhausted from the hot evening in Wynwood. By the time we got our act together, it was time to checkout and eat lunch. It was Sunday, that day of the week when breakfast and lunch become brunch, but we had our hearts set on the chicken wings at the Eden Roc. A year and a half ago we used Marriott rewards points to stay there, pretending we were glitterati always traveling in style, enjoying happy hour by the pool every day. Six dollar order of wings, six dollar mojitos and margaritas, and three dollar beers.


We cruised down Collins Avenue in my beat up old Azera with the dent on the left bumper, oblivious to the fact we looked out of place tailgating the Maseratis and Bentleys. Greeting us at the entrance to the hotel, the overwrought valet informed us it would be seventeen dollars to…

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