From November 7-30 my second novel TAKE ME HOME (the KINDLE version) is on sale for $1.99 on AMAZON

When Josie Wolcott finds herself with an empty nest and another failed romantic relationship, she decides to set off on a uniquely American journey that takes her across the country. Her adventure begins in Florida where every day feels like a vacation but after her son returns to the nest she begins to question what is most important in life and realizes she won’t find it in the waterfront bars with their endless happy hours.

After her son returns to college, she decides to accept a job offer at a fishing lodge in Idaho where she meets Dr. Andy Radcliffe, who also finds himself at mid-life searching for love and happiness.

Readers will find themselves riding shotgun, enjoying the scenery and laughing out loud with a cast of characters as varied and different as the scenery Josie travels through to discover it is never too late to reinvent yourself.


Thanks and enjoy the ride!


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