***UPDATE January 3, 2017 Since posting this blog in January 2014 I have published a third novel, Life Is All This. My fourth novel is finished and I am desperately seeking a literary agent along with the elusive Colbert bump.***

I tried for a Colbert Bump over a year ago. Steve had helped Bill Clinton set up a Twitter account and within days Bill had thousands of followers. As a newly self-published author, I was using social media to shill my first book, The Reverse Commute. I was and still am on my own, no help from Amazon. Just me. A one woman show. I made the pitch for the Colbert Bump on my blog and the Huffington Post.

Nothing happened. I never heard from Steve.

Steve now has a bee in his bonnet. And it’s a worthy one. It has to do with the battle between Hatchette Publishing and Amazon.

But at the moment he is only helping Hatchette authors. What about the indie authors who struggle in the publishing wilderness? Why not help one of us? Why not start with me?

Steve alludes to the fact he knows how hard it is to be an author. He mentions how Amazon’s war is harmful to first time novelists, never mind how harmful it is just deciding to be a novelist. The other night on his show, despite the fact it might encourage us to read, he recommended Edan Lepucki’s first novel California.

Her book is now third on the New York Times bestseller list and she has a movie deal. Steve is hoping the movie will be out soon so he doesn’t have to read the book.

All of this was funny and got a big laugh. The sad but true fact is 25% of Americans read at least one book last year. At least. What does that mean? Well we know it means 75% of Americans didn’t read any books last year. But another question remains. Of the 25% who read at least one book,  how many read the least, meaning how many read only one book last year.

So Steve Colbert, this blog’s for you. I have self-published a second book since I last made my plea for your bump. I know, I’m a masochist.

Take Me Home is the story of Josie Wolcott, a woman who sets out on an adventure across America to find love and happiness. From Rhode Island to Florida to a fishing lodge in Idaho, she doesn’t give up on the possibility of finding her American Dream.

It would make a tremendous screenplay.

I’m almost finished with a third novel about love, rock’n roll, and once again the quest for the elusive American Dream. My masochism comes with an addictive personality.

Just like you Steve, I use humor to write about the corporate giants and the ridiculous politics of the 21st century that have squeezed the middle class.  And I too like a happy ending.

I’d also like to give a shout out to Sherman Alexi who recommended California to Steve Colbert. And Edan, as the author of a book that has made the New York Times best seller list and in the spirit of democracy and free enterprise, how about a shout out to an independent author

To all of you, Edan Lepucki, Sherman, Steve, and now Stephan Eirik Clark who appears to be the next recipient of the Colbert bump, I would like to offer you a copy of my books. Please contact me here on my blog. Or Twitter. Or Pinterest. Or Facebook. Not LinkedIn. I’m there too but I don’t like it there. It reminds me of work. My old work. Accounting in a cubicle which is the world I am trying to escape in my quest to become an author who can at least pay some of the bills with my royalties. Anyway, it’s all to your right, those little widgets. Reach out and click one. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

I need the Colbert Bump.









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