A Ballsy Chick Update

Shortly after I moved to Florida, my friend and I tried to crash a Delia Ephron event in Boynton Beach. It was soon after I published The Reverse Commute and the beginning of my struggle with studying Marketing 101: The Self Publishing Crash Course. I am not sure what we thought Delia Ephron could do for me, after all she’s a big time writer whose bio includes the movie You’ve Got Mail.

We never did get to meet her, but we put the book in an envelope and gave it to one of the women running the event, trusting she would deliver my gift to Delia. When I wrote that blog, I promised to let you know if and when I heard from her.

Since then I have written a second book. Take Me Home. A woman on a road trip, much like Delia’s book The Lion Is In. But sadly, there are no lions in my story. Just off beat characters like a tattooed philosopher in a fireworks store in remote Wyoming, a pompous philosopher and lover of all things Beowolf in Chicago, and a few other odd characters along the road.

I continue to Tweet and Blog. In Marketing 201: Nothing’s Working, What Next?, I found out about Instagramming. I also contacted other bloggers and until the other day when the lovely Aidan Donnelly Rowley published my piece on Marriage and graciously included it in The Here Year series, I wasn’t getting through to anyone. Her generosity led to a lot more activity on my blog. Thank you again, Aidan.

My website provides a tool where I can see who is visiting my blog, now called my writing home since I renovated my home page. It also tells me where they are visiting from. Kind of like a guest book at a wedding or a funeral. I do not know the actual individual but I can see they come from as far away as Facebook or Twitter or Ivy League Insecurities which is Aidan’s blog. It’s an analytical tool that follows the links. There are bar graphs that show your daily visits. I get very excited when the bar graph spikes, as it has over the last two days since my post appeared on Aidan’s website.

I may be a reluctant bookkeeper but there are numbers that get me excited. They are the numbers that keep me going. That get me up in the morning to blog and Tweet when I would really rather be writing another book.

For awhile I did that. I finished Take Me Home and should have been working my marketing voodoo but Book Three arrived months too early. How could I say no? It was knocking politely at the door. Then it was banging loudly. Holding its finger on the buzzer. Let Me In. Let Me In. So of course, I let it in. I love having company. But, the rough draft is now finished and I’ve sent it to the guest room while I get some marketing done. When Book Three heard it was coming to New York with me, it grabbed a copy of Take Me Home and went down to the pool to chill out and relax.

Right. The update on Delia Ephron. I did hear from her. Quite awhile ago. I didn’t get back to you because it was no big deal. But this morning I saw someone was reading my blog post, Two Ballsy Chicks. I wondered how they came across that golden oldie. And then I remembered I was going to report back.

One night about eight months ago, Delia tweeted something funny. I follow her on Twitter, but she doesn’t follow me. I tried to find her Tweet for you, but going back through a Twitter feed is like reading through reams of ticker tape. It can’t be done. So I don’t remember what she said or what my reply was.

It was around midnight. I wasn’t sure if she was in New York or L.A. She’s that kind of writer who lives that East Coast/West Coast lifestyle. My dream.

But anyway, there was no response to my response so I said “What the hell?” That’s something I say a lot. It’s part of this self publishing marketing thing. Try anything. Like throw spaghetti at the wall and see if it sticks. What the hell. It always applies.

I tweeted, “Did you get my book?”

She replied!!!!! Immediately!!!!  I almost fell off the bed. Her tweet was, “?????”

I quickly pulled up the blog Two Ballsy Chicks. Got the url. Copied and pasted it into a tweet and added, “Did the woman from the JCC at the Boynton Beach book signing give you my book?”

I never heard from Delia again. I guess she didn’t get the book. I guess she didn’t like the Ballsy Chicks.

Back to Marketing 101: There Must Be a Better Way to Sell Books.

It’s a number crunching day. I’m off to the electrical engineers office in Deerfield Beach. They are a husband and wife duo who manufacture electrical boards. The wife has read both my books and loves them. The other day her husband asked, “How is book three coming? My wife can’t wait for your next book.”

It’s coming. One book at a time.




2 thoughts on “A Ballsy Chick Update

  1. I am still in the “I’m a writer” phase not sure if I will ever get to the “I’m a published writer” stage but at the moment that isn’t important to me. I’m not driven yet and may never be…I am still a work in progress and trying to figure out this retirement thing that I unexpectedly self imposed on myself.

    I am confident though that you will be a success because you are driven by passion for what you want and where you want to go. I get a lot of free or reduced kindle books through amazon. Rarely are they the first books that an author has written but often the third or fourth. This often leads to readers commenting that they had not heard of this writer before but they will now go back and read other books this author has written. Also that they are anxiously waiting for the next book. So I think you are in the right place and ready to emerge on the other side. Some day you will look back while you are sitting at your pretty desk in your pretty house and say….it was long but the ride was worth it!


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