We Are A Work In Progress (A Marriage Story)

Thank you to Aidan Donnelley Rowley for posting my marriage story on her website Ivy League Insecurities. She is the author of Life After Yes and is currently working on her 2nd novel. She is also another prolific blogger writing about marriage, parenting, a year without wine, and many other topics we can all relate to. My piece is part of  The Here Year, a year long project she has set for herself, trying to be more present in her everyday life.

Aidan and I have several things in common including this topic. It’s a subject I have written about often, here on my blog, and it’s something I try to do every day.. To wake up and pay attention to the world around me. My Year of Walking was very much about this.

So check it out. It could also be called How I Met Your Father. My kids are old enough to know the story. It happened in a bar, there was ouzo and music…







2 thoughts on “We Are A Work In Progress (A Marriage Story)

  1. Cool. Have you ever read The End of the Affair, Graham Greene? Published in the ’50s. It is narrated by a male author, great work ethic, who falls in love with a married woman. The novel starts several years after the end of the affair when he meets the husband walking in the rain and they get a drink together. I think of you because he talks about the writing process as it is tied into his life. Kind of interesting. I am home this weekend; lets chat sometime. What are the dates of your writers conference? I wonder if I can work out a visit? N


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