Walking ~ Days 340-342 Wastin’ Time

One summer Rich was hired to paint a summer home on Surfside Beach on Nantucket. It gave us the opportunity to spend three weeks getting a little taste of the good life. Beachfront living from a good day into a moonlight.

Friends visited for the 4th of July weekend and we rented a jeep, let some air out of the tires, and drove out to Great Point where we grilled burgers on a little Coleman, drank beers, and swam in the ocean.


No cell phones, just a mostly deserted beach and the wild Atlantic. Wasting time/let the hours roll by/Doing nothing for the fun. On Monday our friends didn’t want to leave so we played Dave’s song and convinced them to Stay. For a moment this good time would never end

. Image

I met Dave Matthews several years ago when I was in Hartford for two nights of shows at the Meadowlands. It was a hot day in July with not much going on in the city. After checking into the hotel, my husband plopped on the bed to watch some golf, as he always does when he checks into a hotel. I went for a walk. It was so hot outside/You could fry an egg.

This was sometime in the 90’s when I didn’t have a smart phone. No camera, no paper and pen for autographs. Just me, out on a power walk, in an old T-shirt and shorts, sweating. I passed a bus parked in front of the Goodwin Hotel. A rock ‘n roll bus. Four fans were milling around on the sidewalk.

First to step out of the revolving hotel door was Carter Beauford. He walked over to us, took some photos, signed autographs, and chatted for awhile. He was followed by the rest of the band members who also stopped to meet and greet. One of the guys waiting on the sidewalk told me, “Dave always comes out last.”

And then, there he was, walking out of the hotel just as a bride and her groom were entering. He stopped for photos and gave the bride a kiss. That’s when I thought, “I could get one of those. That’s better than a photo.”

After the other four fans got their photo and an autograph, I gathered up the nerve to walk over to him. I put my hand on his arm and told him how much I enjoyed his music. How it helped me live in the moment and enjoy each day.

“I was out for a walk. I had no idea I’d bump into you. I don’t even have paper for an autograph,” I told him.

His brown sleepy, bedroom eyes gazed at me, giving me his full attention. I asked him if I could get a kiss. He leaned closer and I caught a whiff of patchouli oil just before he kissed me on the cheek.


Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the invention of the cubicle. Sixty percent of Americans work in a cubicle and ninety three percent of them hate it. I used to have a cork board in mine, covered with inspirational quotes to help me through my day. One was from Lie in Our Graves, another favorite DMB song.

I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves…wondering if we had spent our living days well…

I escaped my cubicle over a year ago and I will admit there are still days I get bogged down in the mundane. But most days I work at home, writing, chasing a dream, working on my third novel. I have a lot more time to walk, to appreciate the world around me, to be blown away by the simple things.

It takes a conscious effort to slow down in this busy world we live in. To shut the phone off, not check email, try not to panic when you forget the damn phone at home. We have to remind ourselves, every day, that we will miss these things when it all rolls by.


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