Time is an Asterisk ~ The Missing Story of Walking Days 302-305

My parents were visiting two weekends ago. I didn’t do much walking. After they left, I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post and it was published today.  It’s about my Mom and it was hard to write.

On the last night of their visit, we went to a British Pub in Delray. My mom had been eating desserts during their entire trip to Florida. My Dad wanted her to eat something more nutritious so he asked her what she liked. Fish and chips was the answer so we headed to the Blue Anchor Pub where she forgot about the fish and chips and insisted on ordering blueberry cobbler.

I have since spoken to a friend of mine who works with Alzheimer’s patients and she told me to tell my Dad about maple syrup. Apparently, among the many things Alzheimer’s robs one of is the ability to taste food. The last taste bud to go is sweet. Maple syrup can be drizzled on just about everything from carrots to chicken. It’s a good tip, spread the word.

Here’s the Huffington Post piece:




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