Walking Days 284-290 Until The Raindrops Fall

Sunday we drove to Lake Worth to check out the largest street painting festival in the country.


It really is an Endless Summer here in South Florida. The air was heavy on this February day, warm and humid, around eighty-five degrees. Parked near the Intracoastal, we took a leisurely walk through town. It’s difficult to remember what time of year it is. The only clue winter is raging back home in New Hampshire is the increased traffic and the difficulty getting a barstool at happy hours.

Lake Worth is a great little town with a park along the Intracoastal and a good amount of art deco buildings.


Lake Avenue and Lucerne are not as trendy as Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, but they offer a wide variety of dining choices at more reasonable prices.

We wandered through side streets.



The festival hosts dozens of sidewalk artists using chalk to create their pictures, which was evident from their bare feet, colorful hands, arms, and elbows.


Until the Raindrops Fall. That’s what I found when I googled the dates and location of this festival I had heard about. The art would be on display until the raindrops begin to fall.


I blog for free, here and on the Huffington Post, with the hope that people who enjoy my posts will buy my books. I enjoy writing, I enjoy hearing from readers. Blogging helps improve my craft. It’s the way things are these days. Lots of the pieces you read on the Internet or in a newspaper are written by someone who isn’t getting paid for their work. So as I admired the sidewalk artwork, I wondered what it would be like to be an artist who not only provides joy for free, but whose work disappears when the raindrops fall.


An excellent musician was playing the bongos real good for free.


A group of teenagers had a contemporary roots, folky sound.


Although they’re not pulling in the big bucks, like the Lumineers, I am quite certain they are dreaming big. They play for the love of their art, for the pleasure they get from making music.


A lot of people ask, “How much money can you make selling books for $4.99?” Or “You’re running a free promotion? How do you make any money writing?” Well, the hope is to one day make enough money to at least pay the bills. It’s hard to explain what happens when you become hooked on your craft, when you are compelled to write and tell stories.

I understand the need to create, possibly even if your creation only lasts until the raindrops begin to fall.

If you’re ever in Lake Worth in the month of February, definitely check out the street painting festival.

And if you’re here any other time of the year, certainly stop in Lake Worth to visit the restaurants, thriving art scene, and art deco architecture.

Not far from Lake Worth, in Lantana, was the Oktoberfest my husband and I enjoyed a few months ago.

And certainly don’t forget to support your favorite writers, artists, and musicians who entertain you and bring you joy. Real good, for free.

I wanted to print a few lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s song in the blog but she charges exorbitant fees for this, even a word or too. But I discovered song titles can’t be copyrighted. So she may sing about the nobility of making music real good for free, but that’s not what she practices. You’ll just have to listen to the lyrics on this You Tube video which I didn’t make so I hope I’m off the hook in sharing it.


2 thoughts on “Walking Days 284-290 Until The Raindrops Fall

  1. Seriously? I am looking at the next few weeks of sub zero temps and you are complaining about the difficulty of getting a bar stool at Happy Hour?? Seriously?
    Love your writing, keep at it.


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