Take Me Home-Book Club Guide

1) Was Josie’s relationship with Jacob realistic? Why do you think she was in a relationship with him?

2) Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself? Does this take a lot of courage? How does Josie change on her journey across the country? Does she gain control over her own life? Is that what she set out to do?

3) What was your sense of Will, Luke’s father?

4) What about Josie’s friendship with Louise? Have you ever had friendships that were a matter of convenience, people who pass in and out of your life at different times, filling different needs?

5) At times, Josie questions her parenting choices. Her son smokes pot, brings his girlfriend home for the night. Have you ever been faced with these dilemmas? How do you handle them? At one point in the novel, Josie wonders if she is too lenient or her sister Adrienne is hypocritical in making different choices with her children. What do you think?

6) Andy describes Mary as a woman who saw everything in black and white, she didn’t appear to question many of her choices. Do you think Andy had a happy marriage? Do you see him as a passive person? How does he change throughout the novel?

7) Do you think Josie’s struggles with her drinking were realistic? Is she a social drinker or an alcoholic? What is the difference? If you are a social drinker, do you sometimes wonder about your drinking?

8) People often talk about baby boomers as the sandwich generation, caught between raising kids who have a harder time being launched and elderly parents who need help. How does this affect Josie and Andy’s relationship?

9) Do you pay attention to the epigraphs, the quotes an author uses, in a book? What did the epigraph’s in Take Me Home tell you about what the author was trying to convey?

10) Did you have a sense of place while reading the book? Josie passed through different parts of America during her journey to self discovery. Did the tone of the novel change as the scenery changed?

11) Josie came across a cast of characters during her travels. Who was your favorite and least favorite bit character along the journey?

12) Both Andy and Josie were looking for more satisfying work? Is this important to you? Are you satisfied in your professional life?


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