Success on the Road to Affordable Health Insurance


10:30 am I have obtained Obamacare. Finally. My husband and I have insurance for a savings-so far- of $811.27 a month. That’s $9735.24 a year. Our monthly premium is $625.38 with a $3000 deductible/$1500 per person.

I say so far because I need to insure my kids who couldn’t be on my plan because America chose to do this Affordable Healthcare Act state by state. We as a nation can no longer get along. We fight like resentful siblings about abortion, guns, environmental protections, and healthcare. When we were younger it led to a civil war, but we are still a family, albeit not always a happy family and very dysfunctional.

But I digress. I got on the website around 9:30 am. It was working smoothly. I guess those updates they were working on early this morning while I was sleeping were successful. But some of the info I entered yesterday with the rep wasn’t there. I answered questions again. “Is your daughter employed?” “Does she pay a student loan?” Questions I’d answered 7 times before. I finally got to the end. “Are you or anyone in your family currently incarcerated?” “Do you smoke tobacco?”

I hit the final button. Cross my fingers, legs and arms, hope not to die trying to get healthcare. Holler out to my husband in the kitchen to do the same. We wait as the little green circle spins. “The wheels on the bus go round and round.” I hold my breath for good measure.

Success. I proceeded to enrollment, chose my plan, which I decided on over the weekend after I received the 1st of 3 case numbers, and made my first month’s payment. I am assuming this is real. I have Obamacare.

I would like to be able to say this is the end of my saga but I need to do this over again for my kids. I am leaning towards the college provided insurance for Daughter #2. It is $1000 a year.That’s $83.33 a month. That reduces my yearly savings to $8735.24. I will help my older daughter through the online process, now that I am such an expert (she says with tongue in cheek). Let’s just hypothetically say she comes out to $1000 a year too. That brings my yearly savings to $7735.24. I can think of a lot of things to do with $7700.

Not a bad two days and one morning’s work now that I’m through it. Back in my cubicle it would take me 43 and a half days to earn that. And that’s gross salary, before taxes, so it really would take longer. — Feeling wonderful.

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