The Road to Affordable Healthcare-The Sequel (Part Two)

The Road to Affordable Healthcare-The Sequel

10:30 AM I’m already getting jittery and teary eyed. I started with CIGNA and called their 800 number. The first woman I spoke to said I had to call another number. She gave it to me. It brought me to Affordable Healthcare. I am trying to find out how to insure a family that lives in 2 different states. I mean a lot of people have kids in out-of-state colleges, right? This is not unusual. I need to speak to an insurance agent at the company where I am considering purchasing a plan. They are making money on this, they’ve got everyone in America required to buy health insurance. Thousands of new customers are headed their way. However, I am just asking a question. I have to go back to the government marketplace to purchase the plan. I could tell the first woman I spoke to didn’t want to deal with me. Her tone of voice was abrupt, you have to call this number. Period.

But this is not the right number. I need to talk to someone at Cigna. The 2nd phone call has brought me back to the government. I make a third phone call, back to CIGNA. People are bitching about the government? This happens everyday with hugely profitable corporations. Do we need to review my Comcast debacle?

On my third phone call to CIGNA I get a young man who is willing to answer my question. I cannot do what I need to do. This is a state by state insurance plan. If I ensure a family in Florida, no one can have a primary care doctor in Colorado.

I am contemplating putting a shot of Grand Marnier in my coffee. This news means I have to adjust my original application for a family of four to two, my husband and I. Then get individual insurance, in Colorado, for my daughters. Before I do that, I am going to call BC/BS, another provider available to me through Obamacare. My head already feels like it is going to explode.


2 thoughts on “The Road to Affordable Healthcare-The Sequel (Part Two)

  1. The answer, I think, is to lie. On your application you claim both girls as living with you. Do either of them claim an address in CO? MIchelle doesn’t really LIVE there, she goes to school there. Maybe she stays for the summer, but it is not necessarily her permanent address.  Not sure about Chelsea. Where do they file their taxes? I have Sam keeping Granite Street as a permanent address until he stops moving around. I figure that the young 20’s are when everybody moves from apartment to apartment. I keep Granite St as the address on record so all this stuff stays with us.

    What do they mean when they say you get a tax credit? Do they just take that amount out of your tax return?


  2. They are rarely in Florida. Their primary care doctors need to be in Florida, so when they need a primary care doctor, a birth control visit, etc, there is no in network doctor. They don’t summer here, they’re in Colorado all year, so we can’t handle that stuff over the summer. Sam is at least in NH where he is insured.

    I get a credit-an allowance to help cover my insurance. I can apply it to my monthly payments or tax a credit at the end of the year. I am applying it to my payments as that is the root of the problem. I can’t come up with the monthly payment as it is now. The Xanax is working. I am powering on.


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