The Road to Affordable Healthcare-The Sequel (Part One)

9:30 AM Here we go again. I am registered for Obamacare, I have a healthcare account and my healthcare credit. Due to my circumstances-two daughters on my plan living in Colorado with my husband and I in Florida-I am going to have to speak to the insurance companies in my state to see which plans work best for our insurance needs. Yes, I am going to have to speak to insurance agents-Ugh!-then return to to purchase the plan.

This could be another long day. The deadline for January 1st coverage is looming. It is imperative I get this done. Yesterday I received a letter from my former employer informing me that effective January 1st, my COBRA payment is going up to $1436.65 per month. Yes that number is correct. Your vision is not failing you.

So here we go again. I worked Mon-Wed and have the day off today.  I am devoted to succeeding. Follow me once again as I navigate my way through Obamacare.


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