The Road to Affordable Healthcare-The Sequel (Part 4)

1:30 PM My husband threw out his back this weekend, working on a Saturday, climbing a ladder then maneuvering over a railing. He’s 56, how long can he do this? Well, guys like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and that other dude with the mealy mouth and little wire rimmed glasses (his name escapes me right now because I hate him) think he can do it for a long time as they try to increase the retirement age. He is home, out of work, on pain meds and muscle relaxers. We have also been dealing with auto insurance. I am in the bedroom on speaker phone with the Obamacare rep, blogging, answering email and cleaning my desk as I answer questions then wait on hold.

Rich is now sticking his head in the door asking for VIN numbers and the old policy we had in ew Hampshire among other things. Really? I told you he wasn’t good with paperwork. I guess we might as well get all this insurance shit done in one day. Why ruin another day? It’s a cluster you know what, let’s just jump right in. So I answer questions on the speaker phone with the healthcare rep and rifle through the file cabinet for the info he needs. Do I need to mention this is going to be a very expensive day? The rep asks if anyone is pregnant? I answer, “They better not be.” She laughs and tells me she had to ask a guy this question and he went ballistic on her. I tell her I am having a hard enough time insuring my kids, I certainly don’t need to worry about insurance for grandkids. For the 3rd time she asks for my email, it starts with richsheila. That is my husband and my name I tell her but it could be seen as a play on words, like I am rich Sheila. “But if I were rich Sheila I wouldn’t be on the phone with you,” I tell her. She laughs loudly and tells me she appreciates my sense of humor and patience.

She tells me, “I told my husband when things keep going bad, we just have to remind ourselves of the good things in our life. Put the bills in a basket with the most important on top and pay what we can.” Such is life in America. “You do what you can,” she says. I agree. “Yes that’s all we can do.”

My husband pops his head in the bedroom again to tell me he told the car insurance rep he wanted to take care of this insurance today while he’s laid up with this back injury. She told him she’d get the quote ready and when she called back, she said, “I just wanted you to know that here at the agency our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope you get well soon.” I am swallowing an hysterical laugh. The insurance company is praying for my husband. Seriously? This is the best they can do? Prayers and thoughts?


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