The Road to Affordable Healthcare (Part 3)

12:30 PM I am on the phone with an Obamacare Rep who is extremely patient and nice. I have to give it to these reps, they are under a lot of pressure and get yelled at all day long but are still polite and pleasant. We have been filling out the new and third application I have already filled out twice now.  We get a little further each time until the system craps out again. The little green wheel is spinning, the rep’s screen is telling her to please wait then CRASH.We are starting again. Third times a charm, right? We succeeded on the 3rd try back on Friday but now that application is no longer valid. I have to lose my kids, set them out to sea on a boat to sail on their own. They need their own Colorado insurance. Maybe it covers medical marijuana. I could use a joint right now.

An old friend of mine gave me some Xanax when I was back in the cubicle. I have three left. I really don’t use it unless I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I took one this morning. It’s taken a bit of the edge off but I think a few tokes would really ice the cake, so to speak. But I need my wits about me. I’m answering questions for the third time now. (Really the sixth time but let’s not go back, we’re moving forward.) “What is your oldest daughter’s birthdate?” “What is your husband’s social security number?” “What is your apartment number?” The system doesn’t hold the information each time. Apparently there is no SAVE. Who writes a program without the ability to save?

Whoever was in charge of designing and implementing this program needs to be fired. NOW. I have a friend who works in IT and had a job at the company I worked for in the cubicle. He lost his job for no reason. He’s a great guy, a hard worker, very smart and loyal. One of the smartest guys I know. One day he got the old, here’s a box, give us your badge, we’re walking you to the door, you’re fired. An employee at will.

This website is grounds for termination. I need to see a head roll. Her initials are K.S. Katherine Sebelius. How is it ordinary Joe Schmoe loses his job for showing up every day and doing his job well but no one’s been fired for this website debacle yet???? Stay tuned. My rep is about to abandon the mission.

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