The Road to Affordable Healthcare Insurance ~ The Sequel (Part 56)

3:10 pm This is where the road to health care has led me.  An ice cold Bloody Mary.  There is a  Grand Marnier waiting in the bullpen. I am waiting for case # 3 to show up on the website.
 4:58 PM My husband found another auto insurance company recommended by a friend. The guy gave us a quote of $162 a month, much lower than Allstate’s $4800 a year, even with the bundle of renters insurance we already had with them! We discuss and agree to go with it. He calls back, gives the agent tracking and bank accounts number. It’s cheaper if you go with the automatic payment withdrawal- another insurance racket. “Oh, wait a minute,” the agent says. “This just came though. You had an accident in 2012?”
“Yes,” Rich says. “A woman hit me coming out of Lowe’s. She T-boned my truck and totaled it. But I was ruled not at fault. She had no insurance. You don’t have to have insurance in New Hampshire.”
“Well, that jacks up your rate to $262 a month,” the agent says. What? He wasn’t at fault.

But you see, the thing with insurance is, you pay for a service you are never supposed to use. If you use it, you will surely pay on the back end, because insurance doesn’t pay for anything in the final equation. It’s still cheaper than any other quote we got. We need insurance to register the cars in Florida. We suck it up and pay the 1st two months.

The Republicans made a big stink about requiring people to have health insurance but we’ve been required to have car insurance for years in 46 of the 50 states. No one ever mentions this. I wonder why.

I am afraid to check the healthcare site for my third case number. My husband suggests a walk. I was thinking another Bloody but I am putting my sneakers on and we are heading to the beach. This doesn’t mean I won’t have another bloody when I get back. Before checking the goddamn healthcare sight. It could be a long night. I may have to get back on the phones, they’re open 24/7


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