My Journey to Obtain Affordable Health Insurance

My mission for the day is to finally get on the healthcare website and sign up for insurance. I am live blogging about it on Facebook. Here’s how it’s going down:

Post #1: Okay folks, here we go. I am finally biting the bullet and trying to get Obamacare today. I am currently paying $1300 a month for health insurance on a COBRA plan from the cubicle job I left a year ago. The expense is catching up with me. That is $15600 a year. Add to that the $4800 a year to insure 2 cars in Florida and my husband and I need to earn $20,400 just to pay insurance.

Hahahaha. The joke’s on us folks. That’s not a funny laugh, that is an hysterical laugh, as on the verge of insanity in the world’s wealthiest country in the world. The country that is in third place for income inequality. Not all who live in America are wealthy.

I’ve recovered from the Comcast bureaucratic nightmare. I’ve heard that the healthcare website is functioning better now. Today is healthcare Friday. Follow me as I navigate the system.

9 A.M. I get my husband out the door with a lot of help because he is stopping by the insurance agent’s today to make a deposit on the car insurance. If we’re going to be in insurance hell, we might as well do it all in one day. Rich is not good with paperwork so this took some time, getting VIN numbers, our old NH policy, etc.

Phew, okay, he’s gone. Onto the website. It starts out great. It’s very user friendly, answering the questions is easy. I have all my info ready. I get to the portion where we enter social security numbers, birthdates, ethnicity. Rich and I are entered. I get to daughter number one. The little rainbow wheel starts spinning. I stare at it for a couple of minutes then get up to start the dishwasher. When I return, it is still spinning. I start a load of laundry which is outside down the hall, so I’m really hoping when I get back I can move on to daughter number two’s info.

I return to see a notice: Website is experiencing technical difficulties, please try again in 30 minutes.

Stay tuned. Hopefully, I won’t be live blogging all day.

Post #2: I gave the site 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes, just to be safe. My info is still in there, most of it, but I have to click through each page, hitting next until I get to the same spot in the application where they booted me out last time, where they asked for kid #1’s ethnicity and the little wheel started spinning. I feel a knot in my stomach. My mind wanders to the open bottle of Gnarly Head Cabernet in the kitchen.

“Snap out of it, it’s only 10:30,” I tell myself. The wheel stops spinning, we move on to Kid #2. I get to her ethnicity. Oh shit, there’s the spinning rainbow wheel. My eyes glaze over.

“Sorry, there’s a problem with our system. Please log out, then try again after 30 minutes.”

I’m not sure what the problem is with this ethnicity question. I provided the following info: I am White, my husband is White, I am the mother of the child in question, my husband is the father of the child in question. Therefore, Kid #1 is white, Kid #2 is white.

I am not drinking, yet, but stay tuned. I am lucky I have today off to devote to this task. I work part-time. But what about the people who work full-time? How do they find the time to do this? As we have already noted, a person making $80,000 a year spends the first quarter of each year working for health insurance and car insurance. Hmmm. Well, let’s keep trying. In 30 minutes, I am going back on and giving Live chat a shot. I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I should file my kids separately? If anyone else out there has attempted this, please join the live blog and share any wisdom you have gained from this experience.


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