Journey To Obtain Affordable Healthcare (The End)

5:00 PM I just spent the best day at “work” ever, in my entire life. I had been on the phone with since 9 AM. The green line slowly crawled across the screen. My account came back up, we answered the rest of the questions then waited. I asked my lovely rep if she wanted me to play some music on my computer. “You’re on speaker phone,” I told her. “No, ma’am. I have a head set on and I would have to get up and start dancing.”

We hum some more. Suddenly she shouts, “We’re on the market place.” Oh. My. God. We wait for it to populate. The numbers are mind blowing. I have a choice between 2 plans. Now let’s go back to the beginning of the day when I told you I am paying $1300 a month. My rate comes through at $162.05. I kid you not. She goes through the plans, the deductibles, the $25 co-pay. I don’t have a head set. I get up and dance, no music necessary. I had asked her ealier what would happen if we were still dealing with this at 5 o’clock when she finished work. She said, “Miss Sheila, I will stay with you ’til you get Healthcare. I will not hang up on you.” We said our goodbyes at exactly 5:00 PM, thanking each other for our patience and kindness. I wish I knew her name. She never told me.

If I pay by December 15th the plan goes into action on January 1st. Bye, bye COBRA. Hello affordable healthcare. Like I always say, I am a sucker for a happy ending. I got one today. Thank you President Obama. Thank you.


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