Journey to Obtain Affordable Healthcare (Part 4)

3:40 PM I am on hold. We are reinventing the wheel. I verbally answered all the same questions I filled in online. We are now “waiting on the wheel” as my rep says, the little green spinning wheel I got this morning. Like I said, we’re reinventing the wheel. “Waitin’ on the wheel page,” she says again. She apologizes often. I tell her not to worry. I tell her I want Obamacare to succeed, it has a been a long fight and so many people have tried to stop this. She says, “Could be other things going on with the website that have nothing to do with who wrote the program.”

“Really? I bet there are. You mean sneaky, dirty tricks?”

“We can only be nice,” she says. “Be nice.”

“You must be glad it’s Friday.”

“Is it Friday?” she asks. “We’re waiting on the wheel page.” She starts singing, “The wheels on the bus go round and round…” She stops singing. “Oh no, that’s not a good thing.” Stay with me folks, it appears we lost everything. I need to answer these questions again.

4:06 PM We are both humming. The rep says “Still waiting.” We have 2 applications going, the one I started online and the one she started. We didn’t lose the info, it came back up. She says, “We are going to succeed at one of these. My job is to patiently help consumers get health insurance. That is my goal.” I tell her it is a noble goal. “Yes, Ma’am.” She tells me she has enrolled 6 people. Holy shit. 8 million people need insurance and we’re getting there 6 people at a time? We are now both humming, letting each other know we are still alive and we are still here.We are in this together. We are not abandoning each other. I tell her we will be having happy hour together soon. I also say we will need health insurance after this ordeal. My blood pressure is surely creeping up. She laughs loudly, “Miss Sheila, don’t say that.”

4:13 PM. She lets out a loud whoop. “What?’ I ask, excitedly. It says 653 is loading. That is the case she started. “Yahoo.” I shout.

She laughs a hearty laugh. “Okay, I am waiting on the webpage. The website is rolling.” I would like to make a run for that bottle of wine in the kitchen but I’m afraid to lose her. “It is saying we are processing still. The wheel is not spinning, the green bar is moving across the bottom of the screen, populating.”

I ask her about income limits and tax credits. Her answer indicates it behooves me to sit tight and stay on the phone.


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