Journey to Obtain Affordable Healthcare (Part 3)

2:00 PM On my first phone call, I was asked if I would participate in a survey when my phone call was done. I said Yes, thinking Laquonta and Nery were nice, prompt and helpful so I would like to give them a good review. But I get bumped right to the survey, then a computer voice says, “Thanks for taking our survey and helping us serve you better.” Click. It hung up on me. I call back and this time I say VERY loudly, NO, when asked about the survey.I am now on the phone with a young Indian man who is very funny. We are filling out the exact information I did on line by myself, so we shall see how this goes.


2:58 PM I’ve been cutoff. I don’t have this guy’s name. Fucking (excuse my French) Siri came on the phone. The call is lost. We were going along fine. He was funny. He said, “I think there is someone who doesn’t like Obama.”

I of course replied, “Really? Because I am beginning to think that too.”

“Oh, I think that from very beginning,” he replied. “Someone is getting rich on all of this, having to redo program. I took one year of computer science and could do better job than this mess.”

“Who do you think is getting rich?” I ask. “An insurance company?”

“No, a Republican.” I laugh raucously.

My application isn’t coming up. He says, “I’m scared.”

I reply, “If you’re scared, I’m really scared.” We hold for a few minutes. “I’m still here, I haven’t forgotten you,” he says.

We get to the exact same place I was at when the system wants “someone else” after we enter my two dependents. My Indian friend says, “I am going to have to get some help.”

“Okay, that’s not a problem. I’m multi-tasking.” I don’t tell him I’m live blogging this whole thing. He puts me on hold. When he gets back, we get cutoff.

3:15 PM I am now on the line with what sounds like a lovely black woman. She is trying to get on my account but she keeps getting the green circle. She just said “Houston, we have a problem.” Stay tuned.


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