Journey to Obtain Affordable Healthcare (Part 2)

11:00 a.m I have sent a message via Live Chat. 5 minutes later the “Agent is typing”. I await his/her answer with eager anticipation.

Five minutes later the answer arrives: “How ever you file you federal income tax and whom yo carry as a dependent would be best to use for whom your going to claim as for insurance. If additional information is ever needed that the information is the most important to use for verification.” The typos are the agent’s, not mine. I am sure she is overworked and stressed to the max.

Okay, I can decipher the first sentence. If I claim kid one and two as dependents, it is best to cover them on my insurance instead of getting them their own insurance. That answers the question I asked. Sentence two, I haven’t a clue.

Okay, still waiting for the 2nd thirty minute delay to pass. I want to be clear on something here. I am a huge supporter of healthcare. I went door to door for President Obama during his first presidential campaign, talking to people about the need for affordable healthcare. I wanted a single payer system. We didn’t get that. For a variety of reasons we won’t get into, we got this, the situation I am dealing with today.

I am very disappointed with this whole mess but I need affordable insurance. I know I am not alone.

Laquonta, my agent, just came back with, “Do you have any other questions that I can help you with?” That’s nice, that she asked. I feel bad for her. I imagine her in a cubicle. I ask if the system is slow today or if it was the info I was entering that was gumming up the works. At 11:14, she replied, “We have a lot of visitors trying to use our website right now. That is causing some glitches for some people trying to create accounts, or accessing the website. Do you have any other questions that I can help you with?”

I thank her and tell her no, I am just waiting for my thirty minutes to pass, then I will try again. If I have any more trouble, I will chat again but I am certain I will never hear from Laquonta again. That’s how it works with these things, from Comcast to car insurance to technical help at Apple or Amazon Kindle. The Laquontas of the world are one of hundreds of faceless people sitting in a large room lined with cubicles, wearing headphones, answering questions from hundreds of faceless people who are aggravated and stressed out, just trying to get answers and technical help.

It’s December now, I hope Laquonta is making enough money at this point in the year to have something left over to buy some Christmas presents or something nice for herself, but I highly doubt it.

It appears my day is going to be divided into thirty minutes intervals. I hope this is resolved by happy hour.

12:05 pm Okay this is going to get ugly. I’m back on live chat because the system is demanding I check the box “someone else” under dependents but when I enter either of the kids, they are already in the system. There is no one else to enter here. I have sent the question to the agent. Nery has asked what state I am in.

I think that could be the problem . Let’s not get into Governor Rick Scott. I told you Laquonta was never to be heard from again.

Oh shit, Nery’s response to my answer of Florida: “I will make note of your feedback. In the meantime, you can still complete an application right now by calling the Marketplace at 1-800-318-2596 with completing an application.”

So there it is folks, three hours after starting this journey on line, I am booted over to the phones. So much for the website improvements. I have a sneaking suspicion it is because I live in a redneck state that doesn’t support the affordable healthcare act. I’m headed to the phones, stay tuned. I’m going to need to charge my phone.


2 thoughts on “Journey to Obtain Affordable Healthcare (Part 2)

  1. Ahhh, welcome to my experience with the website. I also was bumped to the phone and spent 45 minutes answering the questions I had already answered on the web site. Guess what? The person on the phone could not submit them either. We were promised info by Oct 26th and still hadn’t heard a thing until I got on the phone earlier this week and got a little huffy. For that I got an email saying they needed more info – 9 weeks after my initial try to register. I have great hopes for this program, we desperately need it, but the beginning is inauspicious at best.


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