Walking ~ Days 179-180 Seeking Breathless Wonder

I am almost half way through my year of walking. I think it is safe to say this is a habit I will continue. Since we moved, my daily walks are to the beach, so what do I write about? How many ways can you write about a walk? That will be my challenge for the next 185 days.

“Days pass and the years vanish, and we walk sightless among miracles.” ~ A Sabbath Prayer quoted in Dani Shapiro’s Still Writing.

Often when I’m walking, especially along the beach, my mind wanders to other places I have walked. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to just that, titled Beaches I Have Walked. A Dave Matthews song plays in my mind. “When I’m walking by the water Splish Splash Me and you takin’ a bath/When I’m walking by the water/Come up through my toes To my ankles To my head To my soul/And I’m blown away.” 


Montauk, New York

The song is titled Lie in Our Graves. There’s another line that speaks to everything I ever thought about while toiling away in my cubicle. It gets to the very core of who I am and the choices I make. It may not be the choices everyone else would make; quitting the secure job, selling the farm, heading out on a new and foreign adventure in South Florida. That’s me, always seeking, always looking for a new adventure, living life one day at a time, searching for astonishment. The mundane scares me far more than the lack of a 401K and a plan for the future.

“I can’t believe that we would lie in our graves/Wondering if we had spent our living days well/ I can’t believe that we would Lie in our graves/Dreaming of things that we Might have been.”


St. Kitts

This morning as I headed out to hit the pavement and the shore, a large group of sparrows flew overhead making a loud ruckus. It reminded me of days at home in New Hampshire, in the spring and again in the fall. I would be making the bed or cleaning the kitchen and suddenly the sky would grow dark. A loud squawking sound and the beating of wings would have me running outside to witness what appeared to be a dark cloud, but was actually dozens of sparrows, a hundred or more, swooping across the river into my backyard, settling in the trees, chirping and tweeting a short, high pitched song.

This morning they were here, in South Florida, swooping across the parking lot and settling in the banyan tree by my parking spot. This is where they were headed each fall. The snowbirds have arrived. They too are looking for a change of climate.



“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”~WIlliam Butler Yeats

Both walking and writing help my senses grow sharper. I pay attention to the little things while satisfying my curiosity. I keep my eyes wide open, looking at the world around me, discovering so many beautiful surprises along my journey through life.


Key West


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