Walking ~ Days 162-163 Historic Boynton Beach

I discovered the historic area of Boynton Beach when I was working through my Internet crisis. After using the library computers, I would walk around the area. It’s no Boston or Savannah but it is nice. An effort has been made to preserve some old homes and apartment buildings. I like these two in particular.


I love the shadow cast by the streetlight and the palm tree even more. I love everything about palm trees. Their shadow, their reflection in glass office buildings, the rustling sound they make when swaying in the breeze.


The above apartments are a smaller version of the building I live in. I’m not sure when they were built, I’m guessing the sixties.

There is a lot of public art in this small area of town.


I can walk here from my apartment, so I rotate between the beach and the streets near my apartment building. The historic district is a longer walk, so it depends how much time and energy I have. And of course, how hot it is. The heat in South Florida is always a factor.


A nice thought for the day.

I don’t really see a dream catcher or acrobats, but maybe it’s in the shadows which I didn’t capture in this photo. I’ll try again the next time I walk here.

The town has built a new city hall, the old one is abandoned. There is a nice fish sculpture here. I don’t know if they have plans for this building. I hope they do, I like it. But we live in a time of austerity, when our politicians insist we must reduce taxes and spending, so I don’t know. This place may get demolished someday.


And this is the library that saved me during that two week period without the internet.


It’s a new building, nothing historic, but a wonderful institution worth preserving.


One thought on “Walking ~ Days 162-163 Historic Boynton Beach

  1. Love that old town hall. I hope it gets restored even if it does turn into high end condos. It’s a lovely building and a nice sculpture. Not sure about “The Climb”. Kind of phallic?


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