Walking ~ Days 117-132 Two Weeks of Walking

I’ve fallen behind on my writing about walking. Rest assured, I have not fallen behind on walking. I have been hitting the pavement and the beach. I’ve also been writing a lot. I spent the first week back from Colorado writing about the West.  I was back in Florida but my heart and mind were still in the Rockies.

I wrote an entire rant here and just deleted it. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know how I feel about what’s going on with the Republicans and healthcare and their annual fall temper tantrum. Yes, once again, they are threatening to shut down the government. This time it’s because they don’t like Obamacare. To hell with the law of the land, the Supreme Court, and the will of the people. They seem to be confused about how a democracy works, but what else is new? As long as people keep voting for them, we will have to suffer through these autumn hissy fits. Meanwhile, they still get their paychecks and their health insurance, provided by you and me, We the People.

I deleted the blog because while out on a walk one day in a wealthy beachside neighborhood, I came across this:


The entire front lawn was defaced with similar protest signs like this one. There is an ongoing controversy in Delray Beach regarding rehab houses. They are expensive homes where wealthy people, mostly young people whose parents have staged an intervention, come to dry out by the ocean in sunny Florida. The day I walked by, one such family had pulled into the driveway of a very discreet rehab house. As an older couple, and I assume their daughter, walked down the driveway to the front door, the Mom turned around to look at the house across the street. The house with all the signs staging a very vocal not in my backyard type of protest. She winced at the lipsticked pig. I could sense her obvious hurt and trepidation. Elegant, indeed.

Later that night, a so called friend who lives in the neighborhood sent numerous midnight text messages in all caps shouting incoherent rants regarding my blog among other things. I took the blog down and let’s just say I understand she’s in a bad way but this wasn’t the first falling out we had, and I’m taking a break.

In the meantime, I’ve been walking, writing for HuffPost and novel two is almost done. The rough draft, that is. I am also working and packing. We are moving on Friday and can’t wait to hang at our new digs along the Intracoastal.

Here’s a summary of what I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks while walking. It was very rainy during my first two weeks back. It might be monsoon season. Some days the rain fell from the deck above us like a curtain of water. It woke me every morning around five, but it’s a nicer sound than the opening and closing of the deck door. One piece of good news, the people upstairs have moved out. They left when we were in Colorado. Our last days here will be peaceful.

Public art was the predominant theme of my walks. Several times I found myself in Pineapple Grove. It’s on my way home from working in Boca and it’s where my favorite coffee shop is. I enjoy wandering around Artist’s Alley and the streets are less crowded than Atlantic Avenue (the snowbirds are already returning).



I came across an office in a warehouse that I imagined was just one giant cubicle, no windows in the entire building. I was grateful I did not work there.


I did walk Atlantic Avenue a few times. Several buildings are under construction. Walking through the detours reminded me of being in New York City.


There are even bigger plans to knock down an entire shopping area near the bridge. I’m not sure why, it’s lovely as it is, but Delray is an up and coming town. Real estate prices are on the rise. I guess this is why some wealthy residents are opposed to rehab houses. Property values, you know. It’s all about investments and money. One day when I took a late afternoon walk before meeting my husband for a happy hour I saw not one Bentley:


But three of them. I only photographed two. They were all opting for valet parking, although several free spots were available up and down the street. Why walk when you can valet?


My favorite building in Delray is the Colony Hotel. I love the open air lobby. I often walk through and pretend I’m in Cuba meeting Ernest Hemingway for a literary rendezvous.


Something tells me the new construction isn’t going to look like this. Or like my favorite stairway in Boca.


Carpe Diem, a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue, has an ever changing collection of artwork on display.



And a photo shop in Pineapple Grove has some great outdoor murals:



On the weekends, my husband joined me for a few walks. We strolled around Lantana one Sunday, then had breakfast in a great little place by the bridge that his boss recommended as a “kick-ass breakfast joint.”


And he was right. It did kick ass. My eggs Florentine were delicious.

This past Sunday, we drove to Jupiter where there was abundant free parking at one of the numerous public beaches. We decided we still really do like Jupiter.


The seas were rough and wild that day and the breeze was a welcome relief from the still very humid days.


I am looking forward to winter.


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