His Hair Was Perfect

January 7, 2015: Justice Joslin is now following me on Instagram. And his brothers! I kid you not. So I’m re-blogging this golden oldie.


I recently read a blog by Nancy Roman about the crushes she’s had over the years and how these men are all aging. It was witty and funny and got me thinking, because I have always had a problem crushing on guys. My crushes are not aging, they are regressing. As I grow older they stay the same, but the gap between our ages increases. They’re usually in their early thirties, I am now in my fifties, and they all have one thing in common. Their hair is perfect.

I have always had a thing for hair. Thick, curly hair. Run your fingers through it kind of hair. This is why my crushes never age. I just move on, finding a new head of hair.

When I was young, I loved Jim Morrison, he of the long, dark curly locks. Years ago I had a dream. Jim and I were lying side by side floating on our backs, but there was no water, we were bobbing along the highway to the tune of L.A. Woman. It was a very sensual dream.


Johnny Depp has been a mainstay. I loved him in Benny and Joon, but for me he reached his peak in Chocolat. I own the DVD and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. I usually fast forward to when he sails into town on his gypsy boat, but the scene that makes me melt is when he shows up at Juliette Binoche’s chocolate shop at the end of the movie and says he’ll Come around and fix that squeak in her door. I had so many things he could have fixed at my old house in New Hampshire.

I also love when Juliette Binoche finally gets his favorite chocolate right. She makes him hot chocolate and he says now that’s my favorite with that devilish, flirtatious look in his eye.


But over the years he has annoyed me with the roles he plays. He’s always hiding those fabulous cheekbones and that sexy hair in characters like Jack Sparrow, Tonto, Willy Wonka, and Barnabas Collins. I was looking forward to The Tourist with Angelina Jolie but something was missing. It’s not that he was too messy and disheveled, because I love messy and disheveled, but I want this guy:


When I wrote the character of the Best Boy in my novel The Reverse Commute, I had an image in my mind of the perfect looking man. I made him up, out of scratch as my daughter would say. When we first meet him, he has a little Jim Morrison thing going on. Later in the novel, he gets his Depp on and continues to morph throughout the book. He is the incarnation of my ideal looking man. Every once in awhile I’d see a photograph of someone who looked a little like the guy I saw in my mind’s eye, but he was never exactly what I envisioned. The Cubavera model came close:


Still, he’s not quite the one. He was good, damn good, but not my favorite. The hair is perfect but the face is too thin, the jaw too pointy. I can’t see his eyes. Like the hair, the eyes are so important.

But then one day while on Pinterest, where I have a board devoted to men with perfect hair, I found him.


The man I made up out of scratch.


Justice Joslin. A former football player turned male model. Now that’s my favorite.


I had to sit down. I emailed pictures to my friend, who totally understands all things sexy and horny. She emailed me back. “I had to sit down too,” she replied. “I’m lying down now,” I sent back.


There is one older man I will always love. Other than my husband that is, who shared a provocative plane ride with me recently.  This older man is the epitome of the curly haired, blue eyed boy.


Who loved his wife and was happily married.


Was charitable, generous and a bleeding heart liberal.


Liked to cook.


And aged gracefully. Paul Newman, the ultimate Best Boy.





2 thoughts on “His Hair Was Perfect

  1. I’m so happy you have discovered Justice! I met him through a mutual friend, on Instagram in Jan. of 2014. We got talking… I loved that he still had a great football physique and did a 180 degree turn in life and became a model. He’s a great guy with an even better outlook on life. I asked if he had a fan page on Facebook and he said he didn’t have a Facebook account. So I created one for him…


    Swing by… get an eye full every day of this charismatic handsome man! LOL!


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