Walking ~ Days 112-116 Rocky Mountain High Part 2

I need to catch up. I’ve been back in Florida for over a week and I’m still writing about Colorado. But my new novel is coming right along. I have 48,000 words, the first two parts are done, and I know where I’m going. I really like it and I hope it’s ready sometime in October. Stayed tuned for updates.

Five days of walking in Colorado, in a nutsell. I’m doing much better with the altitude this trip. No headache, no shortness of breath. It can’t be due to the fact I have been here before. I was out west back in May but I don’t think you save your acclimation. (Is that a word? Or am I making up words now?) I don’t think you store it, more like you lose it when you return to sea level. I am attributing it to the 111 days of walking I have logged so far. I am in better shape.

Vail is as lovely as ever. A little Alpine village in the Rocky Mountains. Monday (Day 112) we walk from the timeshare on the highway, over the pedestrian bridge to Lionshead and to Vail Village for more wine, beer, food, and jazz. Hubby and I logged at least five miles that day.


As if that weren’t enough, we returned in the evening for more walking and stopped by Los Amigos where I worked as a waitress the winter of 1985-1986. I think, or maybe it was ’86-’87. Funny how the passage of time begins to blur things. You remember something you did, but you can’t remember exactly what year it was or exactly how old you were. The years move by faster with each passing year. We’re half way through September. Summer is almost over. Oh, but that’s right, I live in Florida now. The best is yet to come. We are looking forward to winter down here in the tropics.


I told the bartender I worked here in 1986. I just threw it out there, who really cares? Certainly not the bartender. I mentioned I worked with a bartender named Tim. Well, lo and behold, Tim is now a manager and he was working that night. He came over to our table to say hello. I remembered him, how cranky he was, how he was a stickler for the way you ordered the drinks, the process as they call it now in corporate America. I remember when I worked in my cubicle we’d have hour long meetings about the process. As if we were all just interchangeable parts and worked the same way. I wanted to get back to my desk and get the process rolling, get my work done and go home. But in corporate America part of the process was being there for forty hours. Sitting for healthcare. Because if you didn’t work forty hours, you didn’t get bennies. So okay, if you want me to sit here and talk about the process, I’ll sit here and talk about the process. But I digress.

Anyway, Tim of course didn’t remember me. I’m sure hundreds of waitresses have come and gone during his tenure. We took a photo, I sent it to my friend Mary Jane who also worked at Los Amigos back in 1986 (we think) and she texted back, “he looks old.” Well, we’re old too (we can’t even remember when we lived in Vail) and I looked old in the photo. Sorry folks, I already deleted it. But here’s the family in Los Amigos.


We spent one of the days in the Betty Ford garden again, which we also visited last year. It’s a beautiful alpine garden and if you’re ever in Vail, check it out. Let’s call it Day 113 and keep things chronological.


We hiked to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon which I wrote about for the Huffington Post but they haven’t published it yet, so you’ll have that to look forward to. The piece is called Raging against Aging, so use your imagination until it posts. Day 114.

We also walked in Leadville on Day 115, the highest city in the continental United States and I will write about that separately because there was some interesting history involved. You know me, I like my history. Returning home from Colorado, I read a fascinating and illuminating piece from my favorite op-ed guy, Timothy Egan, about George W. Bush’s place in history in regards to the Syria situation.

We went to the top of Vail Mountain on our last day in Vail (Day 116).


Last year we saw a wedding taking place up here. This year they’ve built a wedding platform. I liked the natural setting better.


I think I’m missing a day here. I promise I walked every day, sometimes twice a day. We had several night walks in addition to the day walks. We were on vacation, I was taking notes for my novel. I wrote a rough draft of the HuffPost piece. But I was slacking on the daily walking blogs. No, I just checked, I got it right. Five days in Vail. I lost count, I think I need another vacation.


Fading Alpenglow above and Alpenglow from the timeshare deck below. As you can see, I wasn’t kidding about being right on Route 70.



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