Walking ~ Day 110 Vail Redux

This same time last year we were in Vail after dropping our daughter off in Denver to begin her college years. A lot has changed in a year. In November I published The Reverse Commute. In December we sold the house with a closing date set for January, leaving me free to escape the cubicle. I embarked on a book club tour throughout New England, visiting friends and family and meeting their friends and families at book clubs throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

On a snowy morning in late January, I left Rhode Island on a road trip for South Florida with one of those friends.  I shared my adventures on my blog, which was gaining followers, and improved my craft. When I first arrived in Florida, I lived with my friend who had encouraged me to write the book and was hugely helpful in getting it self published. Then I had a chance to experience living alone for a month and a half. I admit I enjoyed it, but was glad to return to New Hampshire in mid-April and make the road trip south for a second time with my husband, who was finally joining me in the Sunshine State.

By this time, I had been offered a guest blogging opportunity at the Huffington Post and felt my writing was going somewhere. You all know the story from here. I started a walking blog about my goal to walk 365 days. I enjoy sharing my tales of life in Florida, my temporary, part time accounting jobs, house hunting, and traveling. From your wonderful comments and emails I know you enjoy them, too. We are sharing the travails of navigating our way through our “golden years”. A generation of baby boomers determined to stay young and live life on our terms, despite the difficult times we live in and the passage of time.

The beauty of Colorado never fails to move me. As my husband and I continue to adjust to our new life in Florida, a state that seems so foreign and strange to us, we contemplate yet another adventure in the not too distant future. We continue to toss around the idea of moving to Colorado, a place we both lived in during our twenties, a place our children have now chosen to live. We are eternal wanderers.

In the words of one of my favorite poets, William Butler Yeats, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” A year later, I find myself back in the Rockies once again, where despite forest fires, floods and snowstorms, the timeless beauty remains the same, patiently waiting for my return.

Day 110

Friday night, after a long day of walking the Taste of Colorado and the streets of Denver, we drove to visit  my husband’s high school friend’s home in Evergreen. Just the name of this town makes me smile.


His house is set in the foothills, a beautiful spot full of hummingbirds. We sit on the deck, enjoy the scenery and catch up with all the things that have happened in the past year since we last saw him.


We have drinks and appetizers at the Willow Creek Restaurant, where we meet the owners and several other locals. Everyone we meet, from Denver to Evergreen, loves living in Colorado. We discovered a new drink, The Moscow Mule, a tasty concoction of ginger beer, vodka and lime served in a copper mug that has some kind of reaction which chills the drink without refrigeration. The mug feels icy in your hand, the drink goes down easy. Saturday morning I woke with a slight hangover.


We arrived in Vail by two and walked the streets full of food, wine and beer vendors. Jazz filled the air. Much of my walking in Colorado so far has involved wine, food, and beer. It’s not so much exercise as an interesting balance of taking in calories and walking them off. In other words, it’s a wash.


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