Walking ~ Days 91-93 Boca Baby

Day 91

Everyone is working today. Another hot one, my daughter needs to acclimate. I pick her up after I spend the morning with the Juice Guys. She has to work her way up to an eight hour day in the hot Florida sun. She didn’t use the sunscreen I gave her, she has a burn on her shoulders. We walk Atlantic Avenue. A lot of the stores have sidewalk racks with summer clothes on sale, some even seventy percent off. Still no deals here. When a cotton sundress starts at $150, you’re not enticing me with seventy percent off. Both tired, we end up at one of my favorite coffee shops  then drive to Marshall’s where we can do some serious shopping.

Day 92

First day at the new temp job. I put in an eight hour day. Not cooking tonight. My daughter wants sushi, I want Chinese or Thai, my husband doesn’t care as long as we get beer. We call two takeout restaurants. Pei Wei’s  for pad thai, pork rolls and edamame. Sushi Jo for spicy tuna roll, California Salmon roll, and Menage a Trois, which is tempura shrimp, salmon, and tuna. Sushi Jo is conveniently located at the bridge over the Intracoastal leading to our favorite beach. We walk along the shoreline and have dinner as the sun sets.

A man with a large backpack appears to be homeless. He sits at the abandoned lifeguard tower, just several yards from the mansion that irritates me to no end. The beach is still crowded so he takes a walk. We assume he is waiting to go to bed up there on his perch. It’s open to the elements but no rain is in the forecast, he will have a roof over his head. He will be sleeping next to a home with eleven bedrooms and 18 1/2 baths.

Day 93

I’m back in Boca at the marketing company. This job is not bad. I work on the boss’ computer. He has four screens. I feel like I’m at a sports bar, but it’s just Quickbooks and an Excel spreadsheet. Something fun is always going on here; restaurant openings, fashion shows, product promos. Yesterday I got some leftover eclairs and fruit tarts from a PR gig. Today is Bagel Wednesday, an assortment of bagels and cream cheeses are in the kitchen. I work until one, then take a walk in downtown Boca. Join me:


A strip mall oasis Boca Raton, FL

It’s hot again, the sun is relentless. Light, fluffy clouds dot the sky. I seek shade, which isn’t hard to do. The downtown area is full of shopping malls. It’s a humid mid-summer day, the snowbirds have flown north. The sidewalk cafes are empty, most people opt for the air conditioning. I walk along the strip malls, enjoying the blast of air conditioning from open doors and the shade provided by umbrellas, awnings, and palm trees.  Fountains are everywhere.


The Fountains of Boca Raton #1

I walk past large condos and apartment buildings with chandeliers at the dramatic entrances. I walk under ceiling fans that look like spinning flowers, providing a much needed breeze.
I come across one of the coolest fan palms I have ever seen. Nature’s answer to the fan but this one is not swaying in the breeze. No wind today.
I pass six sushi restaurants, three Irish bars, a Biergarten, seven fountains, and so many nail/hair/massage/yoga spas I lose count at a dozen.



The Fountains of Boca Raton #2

One strip mall has an Irish pub, an Italian trattoria, and an Asian noodle bar. I’ve always wanted to eat at one of these noodle bowl places but no one ever seconds my motion. I make plans to take myself to lunch one day after work.

The Fountains of Boca Raton #3

Italian and French music fills the air. Speakers are strategically hidden in the bushes. I also pass a dozen jewelers and an armored jewel truck.
This isn’t a bad place to walk, but I get the feeling this town is pretending it’s someplace it is not. The fountains and the music give it a fake European feel. The palm trees and the flowers are native, but this isn’t the Florida of my dreams. There is certainly money here, no doubt about that.

The Fountains of Boca Raton #4

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