Walking ~ Day 73 Recalibrating

Passing on the house in Delray was disappointing. But the thought of a long wait while the bank held onto the property, hoping to make more money on it, was discouraging and even more than that, aggravating and infuriating.

I worked the temp job this morning and got into an interesting conversation with one of the owners of the company about real estate in Florida. It was the dad who was in the office. He really likes to talk, he has a story about everything. But then, so do I. He had two stories to tell about Lake Worth. His wife’s car broke down one night when they were passing through town. While they waited for AAA to arrive, they  walked up and down the main drag, window shopping, when they stumbled upon the perfect chandelier for their dining room in an antiques shop. The next day they returned early in the morning, in his car, and purchased it as soon as the store opened. “To this day, people still comment on what a beautiful light it is,” he told me. The second story was about the three days after Hurricane Sandy when he volunteered in a soup kitchen. “We don’t have soup kitchens in Boca. I wanted to help. I met so many wonderful people.”

After work, I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce in Delray Beach to get a detailed street map of the area. We haven’t given up on the town but it’s looking more and more out of reach. We remain optimistic. The woman who worked at the Chamber clearly loved her job. She gave me a map along with a wealth of information on the area.  Theaters, art galleries, festivals, restaurants, local papers, and magazines. We talked for twenty minutes.

I parked far from the Chamber, planning to walk the Avenue. I was halfway on my journey when I left the Chamber with an armful full of literature. I finished the walk carrying this with me, switching arms every few blocks. I’m not sure if that increased my cardio workout, probably not. When I finished the day’s walk, I stopped at a coffee shop, sat at a sidewalk table, and read about happy hour specials and art walks. Tito Puente Jr. is playing at the Arts Garage this Saturday night.


A well dressed older woman passed by, her right calf wrapped in an ace bandage. What’s with the ace bandages all of a sudden? As you recall, the desperate woman who’s house burned down, had her hand wrapped in one too. This woman was limping. She stopped at the corner, looked up at the lamppost and commented, “It’s a hot one today.” She paused then said, “I don’t know what else to say.” I thought she might turn around and say something to me, as I was the only customer on the sidewalk. Everyone else was enjoying the air conditioning inside the coffee shop. She was right. It was a scorcher. The air was thick and humid. She stood for a minute longer, looking lost and confused, then crossed the street. I thought about my mother. Alzheimer’s? Did this woman’s family know she was out walking alone?


When Rich got home, we checked the real estate listings. We found a bungalow in Lake Worth that looked like it had potential. “Let’s take a ride,” I said. The house was nice, ready to move in, turn on the TV or sit by the pool. Yes, there was a pool in a nice little backyard. We walked to town. Yes, you can walk to the shops and restaurants in town. We had a drink, then walked to park on the intracoastal. Yes, it’s close to the water and a bike ride from the beach. We were checking off a lot of boxes here.


When we got home I sent a text to the realtor to tell her we wanted to see it ASAP. She got back to me at seven this morning. We are seeing it at noon. I’ll keep you posted.

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