Walking ~ Days 53-58

I’ve been very busy editing and cleaning up Novel #2. As I mentioned, I am bringing the first draft to my sister in R.I. this Sunday. We are in New England for four days this weekend to attend a family wedding. The following is a quick summary of my walks over the last few days, as I write, edit, work a temp job, and hang out with my husband.

Day 53

We hit the beach again. Back to Ocean Ridge. I notice a limo in front of the house that to me is a symbol of all that is wrong with American income inequality. It is an ostentatious display of wealth circa the era of Wall Street robber barons and bank bailouts. Each time I drive by it, I can’t help but ask how did we get back to the roaring 20’s? What happened to the safety net FDR put in place? Well, I know the answers to these questions and I  would hope you do too, but I have now also discovered the answer to the question, who the hell owns this house?


Alvin Malnik, that’s who. A mob lawyer and owner of The Forge restaurant, among other enterprises. I’m trying to find out if the waiters, waitresses and bartenders at The Forge have health insurance, because I just happen to think if one of the homes you own has 11 bedrooms and 18 1/2 baths, you should provide your employees with some decent benefits. That’s just my opinion. Maybe he does. I hope he does.

Scroll down to the second post on this website, to read more about the house that Malnik built.

I imagine a time in the not too distant future when America will be like Marie Antoinette’s France. The wealthy will have a fortress around their homes because otherwise the peasants would storm the castle. There are already many places along this Florida shoreline that have walls and gates to protect the wealthy residents. One house, that looks like a palace and is further down Route A1A in Boca Raton, actually has a gatekeeper. Think on that for a minute.

I don’t know about you, but I myself am wondering how society will function when it comes to that. Where will all the waitress and bartenders who work at the expensive restaurants on tony Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach live? How about the chambermaids and parking attendants? The lifeguards?. The landscapers?

Miles from here in the gator infested swampland? It already happens in places like Nantucket where service workers commute from the mainland on the ferry or live with ten other roommates who all work different shifts so they share beds, some sleeping during the day and working at night and others working and sleeping on the opposite schedule. A friend of mine’s daughter actually did this one summer on Nantucket.

Is this the world we want to live in? Is this the world the wealthy one percent want to live in? Having to protect themselves with gates and guards? Maybe the Mazzeratis and Bentleys that cruise Atlantic Ave and Palm Beach will become armored vehicles with armed escorts?

I’m just thinking out loud here. Maybe I’m the crazy, paranoid one.



The surf was rough and the wind was blowing on shore, kicking up sand and sea spray. I walked the beach then we went to the Old Key Lime House where I gathered some wisdom from the bathroom walls of the ladies’ room. Rich reported there is no wisdom in the men’s room.


Day 54

Tired, raining. Walked the neighborhood between raindrops.

Day 55

I golfed with Rich, which involved walking. We had a cart but he hits the ball much further, so I walked the fairway shots. I haven’t golfed in at least fifteen years. I got off a few good drives, golfed the first nine holes, then rode the cart and helped Rich hunt for lost balls.


He is practicing for our trip to New England. Everyone thinks he’s been golfing a lot and playing on a par with Tiger Woods. As you can see from the above photo, he is not. He’s been working a lot. He hasn’t golfed much at all.

But today he was pleased with his game overall.


Day 56

Temping with the Juice Guys in Boca. Worked until two. Spent the afternoon editing. Walked the neighborhood.

Day 57

Temped for two hours in the morning. I need to speak to the Juice Guys about consolidating the work. I am not getting paid enough to drive from Boynton Beach to Boca Raton for two hours of work. I was anxious to get home and wrap up the editing, but I stopped in Delray to take a walk on Atlantic Avenue. I needed earrings to match the dress I am wearing to the wedding and I knew just the place on the corner of Pineapple Grove where I could find them.

It’s a nice day, not too warm. I got two miles in, then found a perfect pair of earrings and was home by two. Back to editing.



Day 58

Still editing. It’s always nerve wracking when you’re about to give someone your book to read for the very first time. You’ve worked on it for so long, you’ve read it so many times. You start to think it’s crap.

We are looking at houses this afternoon. I am also going to walk. I promise. By Sunday, the book will be in my Ideal Reader’s hands. I will have more time to blog. And walk – back in New Hampshire this weekend.


One thought on “Walking ~ Days 53-58

  1. Love the bathroom wisdom. The same is true of drinking cheap wine, just not worth the time. Be careful dissing the mob lawyer, he may come get you.


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