Walking ~ Day 42-45

I am temping again. This always interferes with my walking because it also interferes with my writing. Writing takes precedence over walking. It just does. The desire to write is stronger than the desire to walk. I am currently in the middle of reading through my second novel. The rough draft is done. The second draft begins. Very important stuff. I am also keeping up with this walking blog. I have to walk to blog. It’s a juggling act.

Day 42

I started the new temp job at two in the afternoon. That gave me the entire morning to write. I got off a blog about James Gandolfini. I am still haunted by the march of time and how short life is. Each year seems to fly by faster and faster. Fourth of July is next week. What happened to June?

I remember the year I was ten and got placed with the most dreaded 5th grade teacher. Mrs. Tolchinsky. Her students would do a little routine: Raise your hand above your head, “Tall”. Touch your “Chin” then make a swooping, downhill motion from your chin outward, “Ski”. That’s how you pronounced her name. She was reputed to be a demanding, strict disciplinarian. She was all that and more. It was the longest year of my life. Time no longer moves so slowly.

After dinner I walked the neighborhood.

Day 43

I worked all day. The job isn’t that bad. A start-up company with three employees, a father, son and office manager. I am employee number four. They sell a restaurant quality juice machine manufactured in Austria. The office is in a shopping plaza behind a Publix supermarket in Boca. It has large windows and a tasting room. I am looking forward to trying the fresh squeezed orange juice. My co-workers seem nice and I am hoping this works out.

I decided to walk during lunch. The plaza is large, the office at one end. I walked past a very large Publix, not one but two nail salons, and several restaurants: a sub shop, an Italian trattoria and Pei Wei’s, the Chinese takeout chain owned by P.F. Chang’s. I liked the convenient location. I get really cranky when I have to do errands after work. Here I can run in and get groceries or if I don’t feel like cooking some workdays I can pick up Chinese takeout. The added bonus: I need a pedicure for the wedding we are going to in a couple of weeks. I can get it done right here.

The heat was not intolerable so I kept walking along a sidewalk past a neighborhood where I saw a lot of orange blossomed trees.


Then I came upon Lake Wyman Park. The school I went to, where I spent the longest year of my life with Mrs. Tolchinsky, was Wyman Elementary School. Strange coincidence? An omen? I don’t know, you tell me. My reading of the tea leaves is not always correct.


I entered the park through a little gate in the split rail fence. Three boys were playing hoops on a basketball court. Two others were skateboarding in the empty parking lot. I noticed an exercise trail and set off down the path. I was wearing sandals, a brand new pair I bought this weekend. They may be the most comfortable pair of sandals I have ever owned.


The path added to my walking pleasure. Covered with bark mulch, there was something magical underneath it. I am not sure what. It was very bouncy and comfortable underfoot. Hopping along the trail, I stopped at one of the exercise stations to do some leg stretches. I passed on the more strenuous exercises but planned to bring my sneakers and a T-shirt in the future.


Day 44

I worked nine to twelve. I forgot the sneakers and T-shirt. I really wanted to get home and write. I was four days behind on the walking blog, and half way through reading and editing novel #2. I needed to come up with another Huffington Post blog. Sex in an Empty Nest was a success. I got the top of the page in the FiftyPlus section of the website. I made it above the fold. YES. I am still not comfortable being 50Plus but that is what I am. At least my byline was “Cavorting around the house in negligees and underwear”. No old fogies here. The piece got lots of comments, retweets, shares, and likes. My previous piece, Reading and Writing, did well too. I have to keep the momentum going.

What this is all leading up to is, I did not walk. I made a withdrawal from the walking bank. If my memory serves me right (which you never know, I am 50Plus and experiencing that time in life known as the mental-pause, so I could be wrong) I had three walks in the bank. I used one on Wednesday to write. So on Day 44 I am writing about writing and not walking. Sex is not the only desire I need to fulfill in my fifties.

Day 45

I wrote all day then walked the neighborhood. Tomorrow is TGIF. I still don’t have a piece for HuffPost but I finished the first read through of my novel. I made a lot of changes, so there will definitely be a second read through before I open the door, as Stephen King says. It means give my work in progress to someone to read. Right now, I’ve been writing with the door closed. King’s book On Writing was a major influence on the changes I made. I’ll say it again. If you are a writer, read this book.

My goal is to get a good third version of the novel to my sister in Rhode Island by the middle of July. We will be visiting her after the wedding. I want to hand deliver the draft. Over the summer she has lots of time to read and advise. She is what Stephen King calls my Ideal Reader. She is also a fourth grade teacher at Wyman Elementary School.

This is what I am listening to today. I love it.

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