Walking ~ Day 23 Not Walking

I didn’t walk today. There, we got that out of the way. Yes, I know, I’ve done this before. Twice, right? Is anyone out there keeping count? I hope not. But those two times I had a walk in the bank. I was out West walking and hiking my little butt off, some days I got two walks in. Today there was no walk in the bank.

I told you from the beginning I am not a perfect person and I own it. I had some extra photos I took at the beach the other day. I could have lied and said I walked, but what’s the point of that? This walking thing is an exercise in improving my health but also my willpower and self-motivation. Lying won’t improve either.

So, the reason I didn’t walk today was because I was back in an accounting office. I started the morning’s commute by following my Mapquest directions and, of course, getting lost. I swear never to use Mapquest again. I passed places with names like Boca Rio, Boca Del Mar, Boca Grande. I was deep in the heart of Boca Raton. I began to look for Mr. Seinfeld, Jerry’s dad, but I never saw Del Boca Vista.

I was looking for Hammock Road, a very auspicious name. What’s not to like about a hammock? Well, it doesn’t exist. Neither does that hammock in the islands. Not yet, anyway. I ended up at The End of the Road. Literally. I drove up to a large sign with black and white bars and red arrows pointing North or South. The swampland of South Florida lay ahead of me. Only the alligators take that route.

I pulled over, put the address into my IPhone and got slightly different directions this time. No Hammock Road. I reset my course and was a half hour late for my first day of work at my latest temp job.

I am working at a private Jewish school where all the men and boys wear yamulkes and the women and girls wear skirts. I was wearing white capris and silver sandles. I was later told they had a dress code. I told them I didn’t have any skirts (at least not ones that hung below my knees). They said that was okay, I’d be in the office all day, they would let it slide. Silver lining alert. The office has windows that look out on the soccer fields, where gym classes were being held. I worked to the sound of children’s laughter all day. Much nicer than a cubicle.

I did have a brief moment of panic when I temporarily couldn’t remember how to do invoices on Quickbooks. I had spent the last four years as a cog in the wheel of a corporate accounting office. I worked in accounts payable on SAP and Solomon. I hadn’t done accounts receivables or bank reconcilations or financial statements, or worked on Quickbooks, in four years. To everyone who told me this was a good job, you were wrong. I was losing skills. Granted they’re no longer skills I want and I am hoping I won’t need them much longer.

I am also quite certain I was having a nervous breakdown in that cubicle. It all came rushing back at me.  As I searched through the Quickbooks menu to get an invoice to pop up, trying this and  trying that, finding nothing. I began to get a lump in my throat. Panic set in and I felt full of dread and anxiety. I wanted to go home and write. Imagine the blog I could come up with. I’m at a Jewish Day School doing accounting and I have a full blown panic attack, ala Woody Allen. Instead, I took a deep breath, figured it out, and the rest of the day went smoothly. I was alone for most of it. The accountant had a lot of meetings to attend. I had a chance to get off a few tweets and text my daughter in Yellowstone.

When I worked in my cubicle full time, I would email a co-worker about uncashed checks. We would have to hunt down the recipient, find out why they didn’t cash the check, and possibly reissue the check. It was inane, ridiculous work. It’s in The Reverse Commute. At about this time, I  began to plan my Escape From the Cubicle, to fly the coop for warmer climes. I signed my emails “Boca Baby.”

Today I am the indie author of a published book, I blog here and on the Huffington Post, I have heard from dozens of readers who loved my book, and I am working on not just a second, but a third book. I also worked in Boca today. Yes, it was an accounting job, but it’s temporary and there was a window and children’s laughter. This is Boca, baby.

Right now, I am having a glass of wine and writing and then watching the Bruins game with my husband, because there are only so many hours in a day and I need to relax and I need to write and I do not feel guilty skipping that walk. I am going back tomorrow and I am wearing capris and silver sandals. I will pack my sneakers and stop at a public park I saw while I was driving around lost in the heart of Boca, heading for the gators, and I will walk. Tomorrow.


One thought on “Walking ~ Day 23 Not Walking

  1. Oh that answers my question… Should have read that first, you have 2 more books coming out! Awesome!

    Ps. I’m also watching the Bruins game right now. OT! I am cheering for the penguins tho (don’t hate me!)



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