Walking ~ Days 20-22

I am starting a temp job tomorrow. The job varies from 2-3 days a week at a school in Boca Raton . It has been sold to me as mellow and flexible. As you may recall, my last temp job was anything but mellow and flexible.

When I signed on to temp for extra money, I jokingly said my ideal job would be at a surf shop by the beach, paying bills and doing payroll for 3 or 4 really cute surfer dudes. But the thing is, I wasn’t joking. In the meantime, how bad can a school be? I guess we’ll find out. I have bills to pay.

Day 20

It’s Sunday. My husband and I head to Lantana, the closest beach to our apartment. As I’ve mentioned, if you drive from Delray to Lantana, you do not find a lot of public beach access along the way. What you find is a lot of this:

Front of mansion


The Ritz Carlton is also on Route A1A. They bought up a lot of the beachfront back in the seventies.

Finally you come to a small public parking lot for Lantana Beach, where a quarter gets you ten minutes of parking (unless you are a resident of Lantana), and this:

Down at the heels

Down at the heels waterfront property

Remember Yellowstone? My new motto? The beach should be “For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People”, but in certain places in Florida, it is not. Sure there is public access to a crowded beachfront and several run down high rises. There is also a lovely state park with public restrooms and an outdoor bar/restaurant (which closes at four), with stunning views of the ocean. And  yes, you can  walk along the beach in front of the Ritz but don’t try to drop your blanket on the private beach.

There’s a stretch of old road now buried at sea, not far from the shore. It is the remains of old Route A1A, washed away in a long ago hurricane. My husband swam out there and stood on it. I zoomed in and got this shot:

I walked while my husband swam, then we sat on our beach chairs and had a couple of beers. We watched an Hispanic family frolic in the water. The only other people on the beach were a young couple, floating in the water with their arms wrapped around each other, kissing.

Day 21

Walked around the neighborhood again (aka the apartment complex). Not much to report, did carry two bags of recycling to the dumpsters and did some arm lifts along the way.

Day 22

First day walking on Delray Beach in a couple of weeks after a quick stop at Home Depot to  drop off lunch for my husband. I made a chicken salad sandwich and was going to bring it to the job site on my way to the beach, but he called and said he was picking up some lumber. Home Depot was en route, so I met him there instead and managed to get in some arm exercises while helping him load 2×4’s and sheets of plywood.


Home Depot Bicep Workout

No, I am not adding arm workouts to the 365 days.

Finally, I reached my walking destination for the day. Some kind of beach reclamation project was going on at Delray Beach. A post Hurricane Sandy project. The beach looked fine to me, but I don’t really know much about erosion. They were moving a lot of sand around, digging deep out at sea and then funneling it onto the beach. The beginning of my walk started out in very soft sand. It was a muggy day, so I walked barefoot along the water’s edge. My feet sank into the wet sand as the water lapped my ankles. The sinking made walking difficult and my back hurt. I stopped often to collect seashells for my older daughter who makes beach jewelry. She needs more inventory now that she lives in Colorado. The bending down to retrieve fine specimens of shells helped stretch my back and relieve the pain.


I pretty much had the beach to myself. An older couple was fly fishing from their beach chairs, a group of twenty somethings were playing touch football and this time two couples were floating out at sea, hugging and kissing. Romance was in the air. A mile down the beach I spied this:



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