Walking ~ Day 8 – 9 On Top of the World

Day 8

Best walk so far, a sunset on top of the world. We drove up past Stein Erikson’s lodge in Deer Valley. Erikson was the original founder of skiing in Utah. It is amazing here in Deer Valley, truly over the top lodging for the rich and famous. We found some open space past the hotels and private homes, parked the car and set out for the top of the world. Along the route was a make shift alter where it appears wedding ceremonies take place.



I have heard that if you do something for seven days it will become habit. I would say after today’s walk, this might be true.

Day 9


We crossed the border into Idaho, our hiking destination the Targhee National Forest and  Lower and Upper Mesa Falls, just one mile apart. The Upper Fall is sometimes referred to as Little Niagara and it is truly stunning. We had our picnic lunch there, with a view of the fall and Henry’s Fork, a branch of the Snake River known for some of the best trout fishing in the country. I am once again feeling the altitude. I thought I had the problem licked but apparently not.

The public restrooms here are standard state park holes in the ground and my daughter admitted to her fear of running into the toilet monster. But then suddenly she threw her hands up in the air and said, “My life is a postcard.” Indeed it is.


Today, I actually took a second walk to the restaurant for dinner. We traveled along a river where fly fisherman were casting earlier in the day. A mile down the road we reach the only restaurant in town, TroutHaven, a bar/restaurant/fisherman’s club with beautiful views of the sunset over the river and game one of the Miami/Indiana basketball game on the TV, but no trout on the menu. A minor snag in an otherwise stellar day.



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