Walking ~ Day – 7 Salt Lake City

Day 6

A short thirty minute drive from Park City and we were in downtown Salt Lake City. The drive was scenic,  the mountains close by. Our first destination was the Red Butte Garden nestled in the foothills above the University of Utah campus.


If you are a gardener, you have to put this place on your bucket list. If  you don’t like gardening but still enjoy flowers, get yourself to this beautiful spot with 3 1/2 miles of walking trails, a large variety of flowers. and expansive views of the valley and  mountains.


Next stop, Temple Square, which is the Mormon version of Vatican City. I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable here and I will write more about that later, when I am back home.


We then found our way to Squatters Pub where they were serving beer and food on Sunday which was a pleasant surprise. We weren’t sure about possible blue laws or Mormon laws or whatever. But the place was hopping and the beer selection was great.

Day 7

Today’s walk is around the grounds of Olympic Park. The only thing open is the museum, which is free to visit. There are all sorts of things to do on weekends-bobsledding, ski jumping, etc for a pretty penny but today is a Monday so we climb the hill to view the ski jumps and the bobsled course. That’s okay with me – there is no way in hell you would get me to do either!

Then it was a forty mile drive over to The Great Salt Lake which is massive but I was expecting a lot more salt lining the shoreline.


I’m finally adjusting to the altitude but now I’m battling the flu my daughter had our first day on the road. We hit a happy hour near our timeshare- $3 margaritas and $4 nachos. Tequila wards off the flu, right? Then the hot tub and a nap. I earned it after all this walking.

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