Walking~Day 4 – Day 5 Steamboat to Park City

I am in the Rocky Mountains and altitude is definitely having an effect on my ability to walk. Not walking as in putting one foot in front of the other, but walking as in power walking. The ability to keep up a fast pace and get a real aerobic workout. I was easily winded on Day One in the Rockies, Day Four of walking 365 days. I also had an altitude headache, but I am not going to quit four days into this.

Walking~Day 4

We met my older daughter in Steamboat Springs. She has been living here since the Fall. We took a family walk along the Yampa River, where there is a beautiful recreational park, free and open to the public.


We ran into a kayaker and a paddle boarder passing by as we crossed the bridge. Along the river, there is a skateboard park, hiking, bike trails, numerous joggers, soccer fields, and tubing and ski jumping in the winter. This was a pretty mellow walk as far as walks go, but if you are following my Walking~365 Days blog you know I just walked the beach at sea level in South Florida on Day 3. Denver is the mile high city and Steamboat is even  higher, so cut me some slack. (That wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, it was a rallying cry to myself. I have to keep my morale up and I’m a little sensitive lately. A bit edgy about being judged and censored. Amazon reviews be damned.)

Walking~Day 5

It was a very long drive from Steamboat to Park City, Utah. Wyoming is truly part of the Lonely Planet. We crossed the border into Utah, my 44th state, at around 11 P.M. Another one for my bucket list. My goal is to visit all 50 so I’m well on my way.

I really needed a walk today. My daughter is laid low with the stomach bug, she got sick somewhere past Grand Junction. She is down and out and my husband is exhausted from the nine hour drive. So I set out alone to explore Park City.


Park City has a public park and hiking/biking path called the Bonanza Trail. It is easily accessible from the base of the mountain and leads right to downtown. It follows a stream and there are so many things to see along the way including a sound garden (pictured above) which I stopped to play at. I had to catch my breath, still winded, but no headache today. That xylophone plays headache soothing melodies.

I circled back to the hotel through a residential neighborhood. There are a series of staircases that lead you to the base of the ski mountain, right to the timeshare we are staying at.


I climbed three sets of stairs. I was not only winded when I got to the top, I was slightly dizzy. But I did it. I couldn’t help but think how very cool it is that so many towns out West have such beautiful parks that are available to everyone. It is a place where people love the outdoors and I understand why my daughters ended up here. It reminded me of the town of Jupiter, Florida, with all those beautiful public beaches. This land is your land, this land is my land. I wish it was this way everywhere. I think if more people got out there and enjoyed this beautiful country we live in, they would realize more scenic places should be accessible to all.

My walk today also included a leisurely stroll down Main Street. As I passed  the Egyptian Theater, where some of the Sundance movies are premiered, I was momentarily lost in daydreams of  The Reverse Commute becoming a movie. In my dream, I was attending the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. A character in the book actually tells her boyfriend, who doesn’t believe in her dreams of becoming a screenwriter, “With that attitude, you won’t be attending Sundance with me.” We all need dreams.


The Reverse Commute is still available for FREE on Amazon Kindle until Monday, May 20th. Check it out. The widget’s to your right.

One thought on “Walking~Day 4 – Day 5 Steamboat to Park City

  1. I love the idea that the beautiful places of this country should be open to all. Massachusetts and I think New Hampshire allows the public unrestricted usage of “derelict land”, that bit of beach that is exposed during low tide. They don’t however guarantee parking or access. I tubed to a tiny private and uninhabited island in a tiny lake in NH and was told I could only stand if my feet were still in water, not on the dry shore. Crazy. Maybe we should all stand and shout “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take any more. Keep walking Girl Friend!


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