Walking ~ Day 2 & Day 3

Walking~Day 2

I’m a day late posting but I did walk on Day 2. The reason for not posting is something strange and bizarre, a huge misunderstanding that is better left alone. I know this sounds mysterious and it is. It is a mystery to me too.

I did see a yacht sailing on the horizon and wished I was on it.:


Where was it sailing? The Bahamas which are not far off the coast of South Florida? Somewhere further into the Caribbean? I don’t know. I don’t know a lot of things. For those of you who were looking for something else, it got canceled.

I made it back to my car as threatening clouds rolled in. They never materialized into anything, which happens often here in South Florida. You expect one thing then you get another. So it goes.

Walking~Day 3

A short walk today around my apartment complex.


These are the funky looking ducks that like to crap on my patio.

I am leaving for Colorado this evening to help my younger daughter move from her dorm room in Denver to her summer job in Yellowstone. I am very excited for her. It is the opportunity of a lifetime, living in a national park for the summer. She has ten days between the end of freshman year at college until the job starts in Wyoming, so what better way to spend the time than on a road trip. We will be visiting her sister in Steamboat Springs. I will be walking the next 12 days in Denver, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. A rocky mountain high. Utah and Montana are two of the 7 states I have not visited yet, so I will be checking off states on my bucket list. Life is good.

I will do my best to keep you posted. I am only traveling with my Iphone so tweeting will be happening. My daughter has a laptop so I’ll try to post a few blogs. And I will be checking in on my FREE Promo May 16-20 on Amazon.

I promise to make things more lively. I still have a headache from yesterday but nothing a road trip won’t cure.


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