Walking ~ Day 1


Today I am setting out to walk every day for a year. The scenery is beautiful and the weather is reliable. No sidewalks full of snow, biting cold wind chill temperatures in the single digits or endless cold rain like back in New England where I could never keep my promise to walk every day. Walking clears my head. Ideas start to churn in my brain. Epiphanies dawn on me. I write more and I write better. So I am going to do this.

I took a left onto Delray Beach. I’ve walked this beach at least thirty times now and never ventured left because that is the beginning of the mansions that block the beach from the unwashed masses. I’ve blogged about this problem before. Since I’ve moved from my friend’s house in Delray to my apartment in Boynton Beach, it takes longer to get to this accessible stretch of waterfront.  But the beach belongs to everyone. On Day One, I am setting off in a new direction.

It’s beautiful here. Quieter, fewer people. Naturally, but  I am here to clear my head. I’ve been feeling low, like I’m writing in obscurity. I keep asking myself, “what are you doing? You’ll never make a living at this writing thing. You’ll never get noticed.” But as Van Gogh once said “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and the voice will be silenced.” I am walking to silence the voice.


Off the shore, I saw a couple floating in each other’s arms, kissing. I have been posting to Pinterest obsessively lately. I wanted to snap a picture and post it on my Romance board but I decided to leave their private kisses private.

A large Great Dane was obsessively playing with a styrofoam soccer ball but each time it reached the water’s edge, he would turn to look at his owner and whine, like the cowardly Scooby-Doo he reminded of.

A mile and a half down the beach, as I turned to head back in the direction I came from, an idea for the second novel I am working on came to me. It had to do with a difficult character I have not really nailed down. I haven’t been honest with her, she isn’t quite real. Suddenly I know how to fix this. I pick up my pace, the next mile and a half goes quicker. The day is beautiful as it is nine days out of ten here in South Florida. I vow to be back out again tomorrow and the next 364 days. I’ll try to post here most days if I can but if not, I will definitely Tweet. Follow me on Twitter, it will keep me honest.




2 thoughts on “Walking ~ Day 1

  1. Nothing like a nice walk to clear the head. Sometimes I get out from behind my desk and walk the loop around my building. I always feel better when I get back and the day goes faster too. Keep it up.


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