Someday My Prince Will Come


The internet is all in a tizzy over some comments Susan Patton made to Princeton women about finding a husband. It sometimes amazes me how these conversations get started. People make a controversial statement and suddenly they’ve grabbed their fifteen minutes of fame. Well, this time I had to get in on the action. After all, I’m an indie author trying to sell some books here. This was right up my alley. I wrote The Reverse Commute, a love story for all ages. The characters discuss these very issues-urgent, life changing topics of great importance: Will I ever find Prince Charming? Some day my prince will come? Does he have health insurance? The family plan?

Seriously, they don’t discuss it quite like that in the book but they are struggling with matters of love and the fairy tales they were brought up on. But damn it, life isn’t always a fairy tale. As one character says to her friend, “As we know, in real life there is no Prince Charming to ride in on his white stead and save the day.”

Little did she know, there may be no prince on a white stead but apparently it’s much easier to find Prince Charming than one thinks. You do not have to join a hunt club or be well versed in dressage, like Ann Romney. The prince goes to Princeton! He’s right there! In New Jersey of all places. Who knew? So study hard girls, get into Princeton and start flirting your little tush off. Soon you too could be riding off into the sunset with the man of your dreams. I on the other hand, missed that stead, so I am shamelessly hawking my book, The Reverse Commute. Check it out on Amazon today! The little widget is to the right of my page, just click and buy. Enjoy!

Romantic Prince

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