On the 12th day of The Reverse Commute….

December 25, 2012

12th photo

On Christmas Eve, friends stopped by for cocktails and appetizers including the scallop puffs we make each year.

My husband, my youngest daughter, and I walked the deserted, luminary lit streets of downtown Exeter. It was cold and windy but magical with no one else out on this winter night. Very few cars passed by.

My older daughter is working in Steamboat Springs, Colorado this Christmas, spending a winter skiing and saving money to return to college. We miss her. Our family seems so small this year. Time marches on; children grow up and sometimes move away.

With no small children rising early to discover what Santa delivered, we were instead awakened around nine thirty by the plow passing by. I wish I had asked for jewelry this year from the local jeweler who advertises your money back if it snows on Christmas Day.

Breakfast was French toast with challah bread and strawberries along with a side of bacon, and we enjoyed a leisurely second pot of coffee, then opened our gifts. A camera for Michelle, books, a shirt and golf goodies for Rich, and I did get jewelry, silver bracelets from Michelle and Rich.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and lounging around. Rich watched Jeremiah Johnson for the twentieth time. The standing rib roast was in the oven. Michelle and I made twice-backed potatoes with our special, secret ingredient -roasted green chilies, along with a side of broccoli. There was an assortment of desserts-key lime pie, chocolate cupcakes, ice cream, and cheesecake.

I am not sure where we will be next year. A rental apartment? Or will we find a new home? I know there will be palm trees and we will probably walk the beach after dinner. It will feel strange after all these years in New England, but I am looking forward to it all.

In our hearts, we will always carry this home we have lived in for twenty two years and the memories we made with us wherever we go.

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