On the the 8th Day of The Reverse Commute……



With Mindy Mazur in Milton, MA

December 19, 2012

On the 8th Day of The Reverse Commute: I had Another “Meet the Author Afternoon”

Sunday’s “Meet the Author” event was hosted by Mindy Mazur in Milton, MA. This is the first event I have attended that was not held as a book club. Mindy was the only one there who had actually read the book.

Mindy is a certified health coach and you can learn more about her at http://www.gethealthywithmindy.com.

Several month’s ago I attended a Pitchapalooza at the Water Street Book Store in Exeter, NH. It was an opportunity for local authors to pitch their books in one minute and possibly win an introduction to a publisher. I have never been very good at public speaking and although I thought I sounded very nervous I did manage to get through my pitch without making a total fool of myself. You can’t imagine how hard it is to describe a 318 page book in one minute but some people did a fantastic job that evening.

The evening taught me a lot about summarizing my book and in Milton on Sunday afternoon I had a full hour and fifty-nine more minutes to discuss the plot. Everyone was very interested in the story and asked lots of good questions about the process of writing.

How did I find the time to write a book while working full time?

Lots of late nights and weekends at my desk. I also kept a journal with me at all times and made notes in my cubicle, or sometimes even at a red light. Often, very early in the morning during that semi-conscious state between dreaming and sleep, ideas would come to me, so my notebook was also always on my night table.

What was my inspiration?

My frustration with my boring job, the desire to find fulfillment and meaning in my life, and the movie Blue Valentine . Music also inspired me. During my forty-five minute commute to work each day so many songs helped me to visualize the story I wanted to tell.

Are you writing another book?

Yes. I have eighty pages written so far.

There were also a lot of questions about self-publishing. I told everyone the story of Sandy and my journey from radiation to publication. We discussed the role self-publishing is playing in changing the publishing world and all agreed it is making things better for writers and readers.

I sold a few books that afternoon and met some very smart, interesting women. We couldn’t avoid the topic of Sandy Hook Elementary School as it still weighs so heavily in everyone’s thoughts. We all agreed something has to be done about gun control and had a great discussion about mental health care in America.

I really enjoy these book club/Meet the Author events and having the opportunity to meet so many interesting people who love books as much as I do.

If you’d like to host a Meet the Author please contact me at my email sheilablanchettetheauthor@gmail.com. I am available to travel throughout most of New England and upstate New York.


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