On the 5th day of The Reverse Commute…..

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On the 5th Day of The Reverse Commute: I Had Too Much Holiday Spirit

Yesterday, I relocated to my friend Mary Jane’s house in Coventry, RI. She is another one of those friends that I always pick right up where I left off with and she is also one of my biggest partners in crime. We have had many adventures over the years. Some stories we share, others only she and I know about.

We met the year after I graduated from college. The country was in another recession back then and I graduated without finding a job. Reluctantly moving back to my parents’ house, I found a job in the accounting department of an electrical wire and cable company. Mary Jane worked in the computer department and we became immediate friends. She had that sharp, sarcastic sense of humor I always enjoy and we both had a desire to travel and have a good time. Neither one of us was ready to settle down in our early twenties.

We both loved music and spent the next decade attending concerts from Springsteen to the Stones, Dire Straits to The Clash. We also saw countless local bands playing in venues like Providence’s Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel and Boston’s Paradise Music Club. The Beaver Brown Band was an all-time favorite.

We traveling together from New York City to Hawaii. One year, shortly after we both breaking up with our boyfriends, we decided to quit our jobs and move to California. We didn’t take the most direct route west. Instead, we headed south and took weeks to get to Florida, stopping in D.C., Charleston, Jekyll Island, and Savannah, then spent another week in Florida visiting relatives.

Finally, we took off along Route 10 west through New Orleans and later stopped at Houston’s Gilley’s Bar to ride the mechanical bull where we had one of those adventures we don’t share. You’ll get it out of me someday though. It’s a very good story.

On a detour into Mexico we left the car in Laredo and rode a bus to Monterey and Sausalito along with chickens and a baby goat. We still talk about the margarita we had at a small hotel bar near the church in Sausalito.

Then we went north and stumbled upon the annual balloon festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico. By the time we reached Colorado, we were running short on money. Not sure how that happened! We looked up friends of friends in Vail who had an extra room to rent and found jobs waitressing in the village. By the end of the ski season we had decided to go back East and never did make it to California, but we never tire of retelling the stories and last night was one of those nights. A lot of what ifs are involved with these reminiscences.

Both of my daughters are now in Colorado and Mary Jane’s daughter may end up there, too. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, as my mother-in-law used to say.

Last night, we drank coffee martinis and stayed up past one in the morning. Mary Jane always cooks me Italian food when I visit and last night was no exception. She had Tuscan Bean Soup simmering in a crockpot when I arrived and made Antipasto Bruschetta. Delicious! Italian food is always the taste of Rhode Island for me.

Here’s her recipe for Coffee Martinis:

In a cocktail shaker with ice mix:
Shot of Vodka (we used Kettle One)
Shot of espresso vodka (we used 3 Olives)
Shot of the day’s left over coffee
Shot of Starbucks Frappuccino
Shake and strain into martini glasses.

Reminisce with an old friend and Enjoy!

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